Understand and act on your data with AI

We built two AI-s which you can install to:

Analyse store performance
Get business advice
Automate reports

Empowering global brands

Empowering global brands

Professional data analyst costs $80K+/year to
hire, expert agency charges from 75 USD/h.

It takes days for professional to make sense
of your data.

Analytics AI will do the same in minutes,
for 29,99$/m.

Analytics AI works with

How it works

Our platform consists of 3 AI solutions:

Data Analyst AI

Reads your data in secured way and explains what is going on.

Business Analyst AI

Giving business advice on how to improve key metrics.
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Marketing Agent AI

Takes action on your behalf, implementing business advice to drive growth.

Full data security compliance

Your data is not shared with OpenAI, we host AI logic on our own environment and all data processing is happening between

OpenAI API in it's core

AnalyticsAI is based on OpenAI API integrations across the APIs of embedding, completion, fine-tuning, and rich context chat.

How Analytics AI can help my business?

Optimise your KPIs
Identify weak spots in your key performance indicators, providing specific strategies for measurable improvement and goal attainment.
Fresh look on data
Get new perspective on store
performance from analytics expert (AI)
Act on data
Generate actionable insights
from data you are gathering
Understand your customers
Decode customer behavior,
enhancing your service delivery and
customer satisfaction.
Ensure Data Purity
Get clean, accurate data, thereby
improving the reliability of your
insights and decision-making.
Improve your marketing
Deploy "Marketing Agent AI" for data-driven marketing strategies that deliver results.

Start acting on your data


29,99$ / month
Data Analyst AI
Make sense of your data
Connect Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics
Weekly & monthly reports
Get started

Business Analyst AI

99,99$ / month
Business advice to improve key
Weekly & Monthly reports

Marketing Agent AI

coming soon
Automatic actions to drive growth

AI not enough?

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We can help to combine human with AI to:

Simplify your GA4 migration
Enhance your event tagging
Moder data stack setup
Any other custom analytics request
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Need more?

We can help to combine human with AI to

Simplify your GA4 migration
Enhance your event tagging
Moder data stack setup
Any other custom analytics request


What kind of data does Analytics AI process?
Analytics AI process data available in your analytics platform to generate insights grouped into the following sections:
Main Business KPI
Sales Funnel performance
Organic Traffic Performance
Paid Marketing performance
Customers behaviour & retention trends
Product & Category performance
How secure is Analytics AI?
dataLayer input and output data validation
Transaction tracking coverage audits
Shopping funnel analysis and main drop-off points, identifying discrepancies
Spotting issues in the tracking code's technical implementation
It is secured and confidential, we do not host or share your private data. Upon connecting AnalyticsAI with your data analytics platform, your secured AWS instance would be initiated to host your own Analytics AI application.
How does it ensure clean data?
Customer and event-driven dataLayer design and implementation, requirements definition
Tag Management System setup and management (Browser and Server side TMS)
Marketing scripts and tracking events setup for tag manager (e.g. Google Tag Manager)
Tracking scripts migration plan
Analytics platform configuration (e.g. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc) and customization
Shopping behavior funnel and checkout steps tracking setup
Analytics AI can see data inconsistencies and inform you about discrepancies, for example conversion values missing for Paid channel. It is not fixing the data itself, for it you can request a manual service from us here.
Will I have some person that onboards me & provide support?
Advanced reporting automation and BI dashboards
Real-time performance reporting and alerts
Custom dashboards with multiple data sources
eCommerce store performance analysis and recommendations report
Retention analysis and modelling
Product performance and purchasing trends
Customer and user flow segmentation
Setting up business intelligence tools for data visualisation and dashboard creation
Onboarding is automated, but you can request any kind of support 24/7 in live chat or writing to us at [email protected]
How customisable are the metrics and dashboards?
dataLayer and Tag Manager auditing
Transaction tracking coverage audits
Marketing platforms tracking auditing (Facebook pixel and CAPI, Google Ads tracking, affiliate marketing tracking, etc)
Analytics audit report
Implementation of improvements for action items
Analytics AI is making analysis in predefined format. It is possible to customize it on request as extra service.