Scandiweb Stories recap for Autumn 2016 — get to know us better!

ORO CRM — new word in efficient customer relationship management

Quick sum up: we had to build a CRM-system that would have been operational, analytical and collaborative — all at the same time. Default functionality of OroCRM has a resource to implement this idea into life, and that’s why we chose it — what we had to do was to customize it to our clients’ needs.

Full article:
A case study of a European car maker, part one —

Ordering Jaguar car online? Now it’s possible!

The first Jaguar car was bought online the first day after platform launch. Scandiweb launched Jaguar Land Rover on-line store at the end of September 2016.

Link to website:

Showroom for Mercedes-Benz

We all know about showrooms.. But what is next? Our Designers chose VR showroom! Aaaaand they won “Mercedes-Benz Choice Award!

How to get one million test drives without a showroom? The answer is — VR showroom!

Take a look at VR showroom concept for Mercedes-Benz:

“Give us 50 BTC or we will DDoS you!”

We received such message on a casual workday. Of course we did not pay them 🙂

Read how Scandiweb helps to stop digital blackmailers:
How AWS can protect your Magento store from DDoS

Magento + Mobile Apps

In the digital age people started to use their mobile phones more, so merchants need to be ready to handle customer flow from mobile devices.

Get ahead of the competitors with Magento + Mobile app integration:

Scandiweb became partner of EpiServer

EpiServer is a powerful tool that combines content, commerce, multi-channel marketing and predictive analytics in a single platform to work full-circle for businesses online — from intelligent optimization and lead-generation through to conversion and repeat business — with unprecedented ease-of-use. And we are proud that we can offer our clients such powerful integration!

Scandiweb Showreel

Take a look at our design team 6 award winning creations!

Largest MeteorJS App Launched

This summer Scandiweb Custom Solutions department published largest web and mobile MeteorJS application built on full stack MeteorJS, Laravel for back end and MySQL for transactional / order data (ACID).

Request access to the app and video presentation.

Wanna Distress? This Video Will Help You!

Of course before world largest chain reaction we did a demo version 🙂

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