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Cervera’s Successful Digital Turnaround with Sanity CMS

Cervera, Sweden’s leading retailer specializing in kitchen appliances, operates 66 stores across Sweden, Norway, and Finland. As the company ventured into new markets, it recognized the need to prioritize a visually appealing, efficiently managed, and seamlessly operated website. Thus, a content management system (CMS) that supported easy localization, streamlined content creation, and SEO optimization became key for growth and competitiveness. 

This case study showcases Cervera’s strategic adoption of Sanity CMS for enhancing its online presence, crucial for its expansion in new markets.

Business goals

The primary objective for Cervera was to overhaul its digital presence to support its expansion strategy. This involved enhancing website aesthetics, improving content management and customization, and ensuring quick performance across diverse markets. An effective CMS that could facilitate easy localization and SEO was crucial to meet these goals, enabling Cervera to reach a broader audience while maintaining a strong brand identity.


Cervera’s growth was hindered by its legacy CMS, which lacked flexibility and scalability. This system made the content management process cumbersome, required extensive manual intervention, and limited customization options. As a result, Cervera struggled to adapt its digital presence to meet evolving customer expectations and market trends. Performance issues further exacerbated the situation, as the site’s response times lagged due to an architecture that inefficiently coupled frontend generation with content management functionalities.

Approach and solutions

In response to these challenges, Cervera partnered with scandiweb, a long-time collaborator in their eCommerce endeavors. Together, they chose Sanity Enterprise Edition for its powerful features that promised a revitalized content management system.

Streamlined content creation and management

scandiweb developed a suite of custom content components specifically designed for Cervera’s unique needs. These components were engineered to be intuitive, allowing content managers to easily combine them in various configurations for efficient content creation.

The new system facilitated quick content updates and deployment, with features like real-time previews and content scheduling. This significantly reduced the manual effort required in the content management process, enhancing productivity and allowing for more dynamic content strategies.

Localizing and optimizing for the global stage

A user-friendly system for managing translations and SEO optimization was implemented. This streamlined the creation of multilingual content, ensuring that it was accessible and optimized for search engines across different regions.

The focus on localization and SEO helped Cervera to effectively address the needs of its international audience. The strategy was to ensure that their content resonated with local markets, thereby enhancing Cervera’s global appeal.

Customization and flexibility

The flexibility of Sanity CMS allowed for easy customization and scalability. This adaptability was crucial for Cervera as it enabled the company to innovate and adapt its digital presence swiftly in response to market trends or customer feedback.

Building on the adaptability of Sanity CMS, its integration significantly transformed Cervera’s content management and presentation. The platform’s capacity to handle various content types—ranging from product descriptions to recipes and interviews—in a visually captivating way perfectly mirrored the brand’s core essence and values. This enhancement streamlined operations and improved the user experience, showcasing Cervera’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Implementation and technical innovations

The upgrade to Sanity CMS enhanced both the backend content management process and the frontend user experience. This CMS enabled the seamless implementation of enhanced visual elements and smoother animations.

Following the upgrade to Sanity CMS, attention shifted towards optimizing the website’s performance to accommodate surging traffic and enhance response times. Leveraging Sanity’s decoupled CMS architecture facilitated quicker content delivery and a markedly more responsive user interface, aligning with the initial enhancements in visual elements and animations. This strategic move ensured a seamless and efficient online experience for users, further solidifying the platform’s reliability and agility.


The implementation of Sanity CMS transformed Cervera’s content management approach, fostering enhanced collaboration and efficiency among the content team. 

Real-time preview features and the ability for multiple managers to work concurrently without conflicts marked a significant improvement in workflow. 

The website’s user experience was notably revamped, with visually appealing content and smooth animations. Localization efforts were successful, with the launch of Norwegian and Finnish versions of the website, demonstrating Sanity’s advanced capabilities.

Notably, SEO metrics and website performance saw remarkable improvements, with a 150% increase in performance, contributing to Cervera’s strengthened digital presence in the market.

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