MageBee — how to make boring things fun?

What should you do when you went to Magento favourite online store, chose your favourite colour shirt, put it in a shopping cart, ready to click and pay, and recognise that the checkout is not working?
Where to write? What to do?

The mood is ruined and with it the whole day.

And then to our Support Team Lead Dmitry Gallamov came the idea of ​​making such a service that will check your page on the online store various types of errors and let you know about them in time by email or message. Similarly, the request to the server, if it does not respond, you will be well know about it.

In short, you’ll be notified about errors faster than your not a satisfied customer. That sounds just great, now it is necessary to understand how to show it visually. How to convey the idea to the people in a visual way that is easy to remember and have a positive meaning.

Our goal was — logo, landing page and GUI, plus some additional things that can make this project more full and nice.

It was not an easy task. Many ideas were, but they were too boring or too beaten.

Then we have tried to draw a parallel between the error and the request process so that it may resemble.
We decided select 6 main areas to be fulfilled by our design and concept.

All the familiar and recognizable logo Magento gave us a clue in which direction to move. They say that in nature everything is already invented. And there is. The correct and laconic form hexagon just what we needed to ideally suited our concept. Hexagon associated with … with BEES! And then everything went perfectly. Bees are perfect to our characteristics.

Smart & Clear symbolic

Everyone knows and can clearly identity bees with “Smart” and “Organized” structures.

Structured & Hierarchical

Bees know their role in the hive and report to the queen bee, or the master server in our case.

Worker bee server checks

Worker bee concept relates to our server “ping” health checks.

Then we started to create the mood board. Which gives the inspiration to create a Landing Page and choose the direction in colors.


Color palette

Choosing a bee — related concept for our service will obviously lead to choosing strong, robust, yellow themed colors for our palette. The color we take is the perfect yellow increment of the Magento color in the chromatic scale.


No one project is complete without a logo. Once you have understood that we are talking about bees then that’s what we came with…

We have tried to avoid the complicated structure of the bees, to simplify the form without losing its meaning and image recognition.


Landing page

On the Landing page, we used various elements related to the bees and their lifestyles, to bring our “bee” image on the product, and such complex things as the base data, the code has become absolutely clear and not frighten those who do not understand this.


Landing page


The same principle held in the dashboards. He had to be very simple but demonstrate what happens to our website, and if there is an error to inform us in an understandable and accessible to everyone


Dashboard preview


Illustration and other nice pages

We know from childhood that bears love honey. Therefore, in our story about bees, we decided to add another character Bear.


It complements all of our histories and acts as a support or the guide. We can see him in our e mail when it comes with notification of errors and he who accompanied us during registration. In general, it always lifts your spirits.


I think its time to I finish my story.
If you want to see him alive, come to visit

Bee happy my friends :)

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