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PPC Case Study: How to Use Geotargeting to Increase Brand Awareness

Here’s a common scenario—you’re scrolling through your social media and see an ad about a business near the exact location you currently are. It can seem a little disturbing but not if you’re a marketer trying to be highly efficient in advertising a business! This location-specific consumer targeting is possible with a method called geotargeting. 

What is geotargeting?

Geotargeting, also known as geotargeted advertising, is a form of advertising that uses location data to target customers with ad content relevant to their region and activity. This advertising method lets you show ads based on an automated or assumed knowledge of consumers’ actual location, allowing you to produce more relevant, tailored campaigns that result in higher engagement. 

How to geotarget on Facebook?

Here are some pointers on how to effectively use Facebook (Meta) geotargeting to make sure that your ads are seen by the right consumers.

  1. Find and collect all addresses using a pin to target the specific area 
  2. Open Ads Manager and select a campaign objective for your ad set
  3. Go to the Audience section and select your audience source
  4. Define your audience more based on gender, age, and other metrics important for your target audience
  5. Go to Locations and follow the prompts.

Make sure to define if you want to target anyone in these exact areas or audiences that have recently been in these locations or are traveling. 

Geotargeting example by scandiweb

scandiweb PPC team had an idea to test geotargeting for one of our clients located in Dubai. 

We had a higher testing budget, so we decided to try this approach on Meta ads. 

The main idea was to focus on very specific locations. Using maps, scraping tools such as PhantomBuster and Keyboard Maestro based on specific locations, and bulk uploads, we were able to define these locations of our audiences. 

As this was part of the top-of-funnel campaign focused on awareness, we quickly narrowed down the funnel in less than 14 days and converted many of these audiences. We were only focusing on new users at the top of the funnel stage, thus excluding all retargeting visitors.

Results within 7 days

Our geotargeting attempt was successful and helped to increase brand awareness while we were able to generate healthy ROI for the client. The results in numbers:

  • 8.6 ROAS—one of the highest ROAS the client has achieved so far from social ads
  • 15% add-to-cart rate
  • 10$ cost-per-result—one of the lowest costs so far
  • 9.6% CTR
  • 3,266 engagements (comments, follow, messages) on our ads.

Are you thinking about using geotargeting as part of your marketing strategy? Need a dedicated PPC team that understands your brand and can optimize your conversions and drive sales? Let us help you! Feel free to browse our PPC services and get in touch by dropping a line at [email protected] or booking a free consultation.

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