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PPC Case Study: Paid Marketing Funnel Revamp Generates +128% Revenue


Pivotal in the sneaker culture in the Middle East as its pioneer, thegoodlife. is a premiere lifestyle brand with a strong presence in the Gulf.

After experiencing challenges while working with different agencies that managed their ad account in the past, thegoodlife. came to scandiweb wanting to improve their PPC campaigns’ performance. When we studied their account, we found that most results only came from brand campaigns. So, we decided to help them get to the next level by defining a proper PPC strategy for them.


The client’s previous paid strategies didn’t perform so well. After fully reviewing and understanding the business, we realized that none of their paid strategies were structured properly, including Shopping, Display, and Search. Brand campaigns generated most of the results, and there was no proper funnel to increase traffic for new customers. 

To improve overall results and increase the number of new customers, we needed to fully revamp the client’s paid marketing strategy. So, we took the learnings that we could from their past paid marketing campaigns and created new campaigns from scratch. We had to focus on finding the winning approach.

Objectives and strategy

The main goal for this project was to increase traffic from new users while increasing ROAS, CTR, and conversion rate. Building an efficient paid marketing funnel focused on the right search queries and audience was crucial.

Our main objectives for the project were:

  • Increase the number of new customers
  • Achieve a healthy ROAS within 4 months
  • Increase CTR and conversion rate
  • Achieve lower CPA

Our PPC strategy revolved around the following:

  • Understanding the client’s business and our target audience
  • Building efficient paid marketing funnels
  • Excluding irrelevant search queries and enriching the negative keywords list
  • Efficient and regular account management

Our approach

Our approach consisted in:

  • Focusing less on brand campaigns and allocating most of our budget to a new user acquisition campaign
  • Focusing on building long-term winning campaigns
  • Testing different shopping campaign structures until we found the winning structure, then scaling it further for better results
  • Restructuring our remarketing campaigns and working with the client’s marketing team to build personalized campaigns
  • Narrowing broad search queries and focusing on highly relevant keywords and search terms
  • Regular campaign management and optimization


As the client has a wide range of products that get sold very quickly, with new stocks coming in constantly, our work is more challenging. Nevertheless, we’ve found the balance and kept our campaigns performing better, winning against our competitors. 

Google Ads and Meta Ads results

Q2 & Q3 2022

  • ROAS: +250%
  • Conversions: +100.4%
  • Revenue: +128.5%

Q1 2023

  • Revenue: +211% YOY and ~59% QoQ
  • Avg. new users from PPC: +700% YOY and 59% QoQ
  • ROAS: +6.7%

Focusing on the right product and the right audience at the right time has helped us get better results than any paid campaign the client has previously had. But our efforts continue. We believe that we could help thegoodlife. expand to more markets and bring their business to the next level.

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