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PPC Case Study: Strategic Approach to Paid Ads Leads to +600% ROAS


KREWE is an independent luxury eyewear company based in the US, producing hand-crafted frames and selling them online and in “sun-soaked, plant-filled” retail spaces in different states.

Summer was about to start—the high season for sunglasses—when KREWE got in touch and had us manage their Google Ads account. We needed to move fast so as not to miss the season.


Achieving a healthy ROAS was challenging for the client before we took over. Relying only on smart campaigns without building any funnel for search campaigns was also an issue.

With merely days before the high season started, we had to quickly come up with a plan on how to achieve high revenue and a healthy ROAS for KREWE. Recognizing that competition in the sunglasses business in the summer was very high in terms of bids and costs, we had to ensure we had the right strategy in place and completed the A/B testing phase as soon as possible.

Objectives and strategy

The project’s main objective was to decrease the CPA while increasing ROAS. Due to the stiff competition, given it was a high season, it was difficult to achieve a low CPA. So, our strategy was to focus on high-intent campaigns—cutting any irrelevant terms—to make sure we appeared in front of the right users.

Our main objectives for the project were:

  • Generate +3 ROAS
  • Decrease CPA
  • Increase revenue
  • Achieve a higher CTR
  • Increase the number of new customers 
  • Build a personalized remarketing funnel
  • Build structured search and shopping campaigns 

Hence, our PPC strategy revolved around the following:

  • Dividing our targeting and focusing on the audience
  • Fully understanding our ideal user/customer personas
  • Tailoring our ads to achieve higher personalized ads for remarketing campaigns
  • Proper marketing research and competitors research
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Structured campaigns and negative keyword lists.

Our approach

In close communication with the client, we built a well-structured campaign focused on the right audience. 

Our approach consisted in:

  • Targeting brand keywords as there was high competition
  • Appearing on the first page results without overbidding for our brand keywords
  • Building a well-structured search and shopping campaign as there was no existing campaign structure
  • Focusing on high-intent keywords for conversion campaigns while gradually enriching our keyword lists to expand our target audiences
  • Targeting luxury search queries/keywords
  • Bid adjusting on the right audience—finding the niche of the best performing audience and our potential winner audiences
  • Adapting automation and smart campaigns to increase traffic from new users instead of overbidding for existing customers


As a result of our strategic approach, KREWE saw significant improvements in its Google Ads performance. Building a well-structured campaign focused on the right audience while targeting luxury search queries/keywords brought great results. Adapting automation and smart campaigns also helped us further boost the performance of the ads.

Managing the client’s Google Ads account for 2 months during the high season, we achieved an overall ROAS of +600% and the following results:

Month-over-month (MOM) improvements

  • CPC: -23.4%
  • ROAS: +21.9%

Year-over-year (YOY) improvements

  • Clicks: + 30%
  • Conversions: +10%
  • Revenue: + 17.2%

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