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PPC Case Study: Rocket Industrial triples ROAS with 2x Lower Cost per Click


Rocket Industrial is a leading national distributor of packaging equipment, materials, and supplies across the United States. Regarding their PPC setup, the main pain point for Rocket Industrial was the inability to understand ad performance due to poor tracking setup. They reached out to scandiweb to assist with increasing their PPC campaign ROAS and turning one-time buyers into repeat customers.

Objectives and expectations

Before our collaboration, the client was convinced that it was nearly impossible to get a lot of sales from paid ads due to competition, high spending, and performance tracking difficulty. We were happy to accept the challenge to improve the situation and hopefully change their mind.

The main expected outcome of the project was to improve conversion tracking and performance of paid advertising with increased reach, leads and quote requests, web sales, and a ROAS value of at least 4.

Our main objectives for the project included restructuring their Google Ads account, improving conversion tracking and integration with Hubspot CRM, and increasing sales from non-branded campaigns.

Based on these criteria, our PPC team worked towards improving Rocket Industrial’s ad performance using Google Ads.

Our approach

First, we had to improve conversion tracking. The previous setup was a 100$ fixed value for each call, broken online purchase conversion tracking, and lack of integration with CRM. This heavily impacted our ability to measure PPC campaign performance. 

scandiweb’s Analytics team was tasked with enhancing conversion tracking and setting up Google Ads integration with Hubspot CRM, while the PPC team implemented a call tracking solution using CallRail with integration to Google Ads. With CallRail, we were able to track all the calls from PPC campaigns and send the correct value directly to Google Ads.

These improvements allowed us to accurately track conversions from PPC campaigns and make informed strategic decisions.

Since previous data was unreliable and we couldn’t use it for our decision-making, we decided to restructure the account and create new campaigns from scratch. We tested most products and product categories from the client’s website and experimented with campaign types, mainly focusing on Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and Shopping ads. After several months of testing, we excluded the worst-performing campaigns and are now working on adjustments and optimization.


Our approach turned out to be successful in reaching the goal of ROAS value over 4 and beyond. Rocket Industrial saw notable improvements in ad performance, web sales, and reach at a lower cost.

3 months before overtaking the account, their ROAS was 3.11, 165.2$ cost per conversion, and an average CPC of 2.41$. Here’s how Rocket Industrial’s data improved after 3 months of scandiweb PPC management:

  • 6.4 ROAS
  • 92$ cost/conv
  • 2.38$ average CPC

In June, we achieved a ROAS of 8.51 and keep increasing it each month!

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