Scandiweb Stories recap | January 2020

Despite the popularity of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) skyrocketing in the past few years, there are a lot of areas still to explore, and that includes data tracking.

Scandiweb hosted a free webinar focused on setting up Analytics for eCommerce PWA to reveal all the roadblocks to the PWA data tracking setup, and give a sneak peek of our approach and learnings so far!

Here’s a webinar recording by our Senior Digital Analytics Specialist Igors helping watchers become experts in PWA data tracking.

Improving GA Enhanced eCommerce data layer

In this article, we discuss valuable additions to the Enhanced eCommerce data layer and the most common issues with its implementation. Learn more →

Case study: Launching the largest PWA store

Follow the journey of launching the world’s biggest Magento PWA store: challenges, solutions, and details on the case that opened the PWA path for enterprises. What did it take →

6 usability tests to increase mobile conversions

Use this link to one of our previous webinars to unlock valuable insights from marketing specialists on how to come out on top in the mobile-first era. Watch full recording →

Splashing NY General meeting

On the yearly General meeting, we found ourselves on the beach in the middle of Latvian winter, all ready for a non-traditional corporate party with sandy shoes, cocktails, and barefoot disco! Party pictures →

Also, how about a thrilling, energy-reviving swim in the sea in the middle of January here in the Baltics? Sign us up! SW swimmers →

See you at our next monthly recap! Stay tuned to hear more news from the Scandiweb team!

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