SEO Case Study: Party Inbox Celebrates a 253% Revenue Increase


Party Inbox is a Latvian company that sells and rents a wide range of products and services for parties and various celebrations. Their selection includes room and table decorations for any theme, costumes and masks, balloons, gifts, and many more items. Party Inbox has physical stores in multiple countries, as well as an online store with the largest stock of high-quality party supplies in Latvia. Our SEO efforts have mostly been focused on their Latvian online store


The overall goal when starting the SEO program was to increase revenue coming from organic traffic and sales for their online store. The client also wanted to increase rankings for keywords related to helium balloons, aiming to rank in the top 5 positions, ideally in the top 3 of search results for these and other valuable keywords. 

Regarding SEO for Party Inbox, we’re always keeping in mind the seasonal nature of the business to make sure the appropriate content is present on the website throughout the year for the client to leverage it. For example, we prepared an article about pumpkin carving right before Halloween, which resulted in the article ranking well and bringing in relevant visitors. In addition, scandiweb helped with content localization and guidelines for the Latvian store. 

Working with Party Inbox SEO within the OpenCart platform (which is not the usual choice for our clients) was, at times, challenging on its own. The platform’s default functionality doesn’t include almost any SEO-related features, which impacted our ability to quickly apply fixes. This challenge was remedied by effective communication between scandiweb, Party Inbox, and Enternet, the 3rd party agency that manages the website from the technical side based on our requirements.


Technical SEO

First, we had to ensure optimal technical SEO setup, so that it’s not a bottleneck for any of our further optimization efforts. Notable technical SEO fixes:

  • Optimal robots.txt setup
  • Canonical tag recommendations for category pages accessible from multiple URLs
  • XML sitemap configuration

On-page SEO

In terms of on-page SEO, our main focus area was keyword research and content optimization for category pages and blog posts, since they had the highest potential to bring traffic based on the new keywords. The research was done to identify improvement opportunities for existing pages and see what topics we still need to cover. 

As part of the research and monitoring, we were looking at traffic spikes for seasonal content that was prepared in time for various national and international celebrations.

We also performed content reviews and provided Party Inbox with optimization recommendations on how to incorporate discovered keywords and better optimize the existing content. During existing content reviews we focused on keyword usage, internal linking, meta attributes, correct use of headings, and overall content quality.

In addition to reviewing and improving existing content, we added new category pages and blog posts based on keyword and topic research. This opened up new ways for potential customers to find Party Inbox on Google and discover their products.

Off-page SEO

Regarding off-page SEO, we performed a backlink audit where we evaluated the current backlink profile of the website against competitors and provided recommendations for outreach. We also submitted the website to several relevant local directories.


As a result, we reached the client’s main goal to grow organic traffic. The boost in new users translated into a revenue increase from organic traffic.

The main keyword “helium balloons” that the client wanted to rank for is now in the top 5 of search engine rankings, along with increased organic rankings for other relevant keywords.

The most notable KPI improvements compared to the previous period included:

  • +253% revenue from organic traffic
  • +35.74% organic traffic
  • +36% new users
  • +278% transactions

It’s been 2+ years of fruitful collaboration between scandiweb, Party Inbox, and Enternet.

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