When Scandiweb meets with our future

It’s already the sixth year in a row we are opening our doors to share a bit of our everyday life with young and energetic students from all over the country (more than 15 different cities). This year over 100 students showed their interest in coming to Scandiweb and getting to know more about us. Exclusively 53 students were invited for a full day at our offices (both in the Old Town and the Headquarters).

As the statistics show, most popular positions to shadow in Scandiweb are developers (what a surprise, right?) and design, respectively 51% and 17%. Other positions shadowed were CEO, Project Manager, Digital Marketing specialist, Chief Accountant, HR Lead and Office Manager. That is 73% of all the available positions in the company. 🙂

At the start we welcomed students for a secret office tour with snacks and drinks (and a lot of internal information :))). After a detailed intro about the company, activities, projects, workflow and other interesting stuff, one of our most experienced devs Artūrs shared a lot of Blockchain knowledge with the young specialists. A lot of challenging questions from our students and intriguing answers from Artūrs..

The real shadowing started really seriously, a lot of questions and real tasks to complete. We are proud to welcome such a great enthusiasts to our office. Thanks everyone for joining us and hope to see you next year in an even bigger crowd.

If you missed the Shadow Day and wish to see a bit of what these students saw, don’t miss out our Open Doors Days at Scadniweb every first Friday of the month. 🙂

Open Doors Days at Scandiweb

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