100% of the customers with a dedicated growth team have increased their revenue, conversion rate, and organic traffic

Digital transformation for a DIY leader in Sweden, Finland, and Norway

From user journey design and Magento Commerce launch in 2018 to the transformation of PIM and modern middleware in 2022, Byggmax successfully handles its omnichannel Commerce with different pricing for each of the 160 stores!

After the launch in Sweden, two new markets launched—Finland and Norway
Speed gains with Hyvä theme for product listing pages and product detail pages
Conversion rate increase in all three markets
UX improvements via focus groups and data-driven research
24/7 coverage by a dedicated team with 99.78% uptime on managed hosting
Monthly health-checks

Customer since 2018

Customer since 2017

Headless and microservices to support triple-digit growth

We started with platform support, slowly moving into replacing its components with more scalable ones. In 2022, it culminated in the launch of a performant React storefront and new headless CMS featuring an AI-powered search engine.

Growth team also completed

A/B testing for UX improvements
SEO to increase organic traffic
Conversion rate optimization
Enhanced data and analytics setup
70% increase in add-to-cart from landings
80% increase in revenue from organic traffic

The story goes on. We are working on expansion into new markets in Europe and content personalization.

Mobile-only eCommerce for luxury human hair extensions

It started with migration from Magento 1 to ScandiPWA with Magento 2 backend. The PWA experience and focus on mobile payments led to 30% YoY revenue growth.

Here is what we are proud to take care of now

Ongoing UX improvements
TikTok eCommerce integration
SEO consulting and implementation
Conversion rate optimization

Customer since 2021

Customer since 2021

SEO challenge migrating 100K unique links from one platform to another

We connected first on the technical SEO challenge of migrating 100K URLs from a legacy platform to a fresh Adobe Magento. Continuous SEO team engagement resulted in 220% YoY organic traffic for the .com domain.

Dedicated growth team work highlights

Conversion rate optimization research
UX/UI improvements to support higher conversion rate
Analysis of paid traffic channels and improving marketing ROI
Better user segmentation and retargeting through the integration of BigQuery and GA4
Marketing automation tools for CX personalization

Digital transformation for one car dealer became a car retail platform for top 10 brands

7 years ago, we were happy to help and stabilize an online retail solution for Hyundai, yet we never knew what was waiting for us down the road. A year later, we reworked the platform with a headless frontend on Vue.js to offer a car configurator and complete purchase experience with trade-in and finance for Jaguar and Land Rover.

The platform evolved further and became the choice of OEMs such as Ford, Mitsubishi, and BMW.

Growth team was engaged into

Continuous UX improvements
UI and user journey design
Scalable infrastructure and hosting
eCommerce ecosystem improvements to stay up to date with the latest security measures
Unlock full data potential with BigQuery and GA4 for better user segmentation and retargeting based on user behavior
24/7 support

Customer since 2015

Customer since 2013

Almost 10 years of enjoyable work in fashion retail

From migration to Magento 1 from eBay ProStores in 2013 to Magento 2 migration, responsive theme, Magento Commerce Cloud, and Adobe Commerce Cloud upgrades.

Growth team has been focusing on

Data-driven navigation menu redesign
A/B testing for checkout redesign
Data tracking for checkout, purchase funnel tracking, Magento BI integration
Marketing automation 3rd party tools integration

Taking full care of Buff's global expansion and UX optimization

We took it from installing security patches in 2017 to now proudly launching redesigned Buff experience on ScandiPWA and Adobe Commerce Cloud in 2022.


40 countries served from buff.com
Checkout trends and optimization program with 300% ROI within a year
Navigation menu optimization through A/B testing, user testing, and SEO support
Enhanced eCommerce on Google Analytics, custom events
100+ UX and CRO-driven wireframes to support in-house UI

Customer since 2017

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