Delivery management

We use System Engineering for discovery, planning, and quality assurance and Scrum Agile for the ongoing implementation process. From the moment we start a project, the customer knows what will happen in a week, in two weeks, in a month and a quarter. Such visibility is based on the transparent methodology and process leading us from one deliverable to another, which is captured in an agreed roadmap. Granular increments and project coordination happen on weekly or bi-weekly sprint plannings and demos.

Step-by-step activities that help us to control the project throughout its full lifecycle

Discovery of the ecosystem and target system definition

The Business Development team assisted by Business Analysts and Technical Consultants runs a review of the current ecosystem from the eCommerce platform, internal data-keeping systems such as CRM, ERP, WMS, OMS, offline retail channels, and data flows and processes that connect them together.

Their goal is to define the gap between what the current ecosystem can enable versus the defined high-level business needs and goals of a business. Once the gap is understood, they ideate and envision a target system that will modernize, compliment, or partially replace existing ecosystem components in order to capture desired goals of a business.

Requirement Traceability Matrix as a bridge from planning to implementation

User stories are further decomposed into features to be implemented on a technology level. These are mapped in Requirement Traceability Matrix along with the links to JIRA software holding each task and test case to validate the task in TestLodge. We make sure that the entirety of the project is maintained on each stage from high-level business need and goals, components and eventually in the JIRA task that represent the whole body of the envisioned project.

Delivery assembly into modules, components, and full build

Individual tasks are being tested and then assembled into modules and modules into components that eventually build up the whole project! Look into how we ensure quality throughout the delivery process to eventually build and validate exactly what has been envisioned initially and adjusted during the change management process.

I am managing delivery for Rockar - an innovator in automotive retail. I am leading the delivery of multiple teams and streams adapting and integrating the Rockar platform to BMW, Jaguar, LandRover, and Toyota. As the quote says - it is not the load that breaks you, but how you carry it, with System Engineering we are neither overwhelmed nor overloaded, changing project optics we stay on top of delivery goals and can make timely and informed decisions whenver necessary.
MIT System Engineering trained
Klavs Kacevsksiks, Program manager for automotive

Delivery process that puts You in the center!

In the remote-first world, we make sure that it feels even better than if we would work in the next office room - there is a predictable process and timely shipped informative reports and meetings to feel confident in the progress.


This is built before we start, and shows multiple streams and their deliverables and ETAs for each, we revise it on each sprint meeting and share updates.

Sprint reports and demos

This is a weekly or bi-weekly scheduled meetings that happen like a clock and help to inform on the progress, raise any questions and connect with the necessary people. Sprint reports are accumulated and tell the story of step-by-step project delivery.

An account manager

An account manager is there to have quarterly feedback loops or being escalated immediately if you feel a need to. She is your friend within scandiweb or internal customer as we call it.