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Grab our official scandiweb brand resources and learn about usage guidelines.

Primary scandiweb logo

White scandiweb logo

Black scandiweb logo

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Logo usage examples

The red logo version should be used as a primary. If it makes a bad combination with a background color - then use a white version of the logo.

Incorrect usage of logo

The scandiweb wordmark should always be written in a lower case.

Do not apply gradients, shadows, or other effects.

Do not change the colour of the logo.

Do not outline.

Do not change the horizontal alignment, rotate or angle the logo.

Do not use the red color logo against a background color that makes it difficult to read the logo. In such cases, use the secondary monochrome white logo.

Official colors

Utilizing a curated palette, our media embodies vibrant, engaging hues that evoke emotions, fostering connection and resonance with our audience.

light blue
light neon green
neon green

Brand typography

Our font selection is a calculated blend of modernity and readability, reflecting our commitment to aesthetic appeal and clarity in communication.

Secular One

Heading font

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Body text font

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Meet our magical unicorn Rainbow - a symbol of innovation, uniqueness, and the realization of dreams at scandiweb. Featured in our advertisements, it embodies our corporate spirit, spreading positivity and inspiration.

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Our illustrations, while varied, each play a role in our visual storytelling, contributing to the overall narrative. These secondary elements support the brand identity, infusing our communication with a unique and recognizable style, aligning with the vision and energy of scandiweb.

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