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LowCode and NoCode tools

MVPs, internal business tools

Fraction of time and budget

Tools we use

For creating front-end design and building websites with low to no-code
For creating complex mobile applications and web services
For creating extensive databases of knowledge or user data
For creating complex native
mobile applications
For automation of processes between business systems
For crating databases and visual marketing/sales reports
For building highly customisable internal tools

Why NoCode?

Traditional development

Development of complex systems could take years

Average costs twice bigger than NoCode

Maintenance requires code specialists

Requires dedicated group of skilled programmers

NoCode development

Average delivery time up to 5x faster

Fast delivery lowers costs to 2x-3x

Easier maintenance and scaling your system

Requires small to medium size team

Is NoCode right for me?

Yes, if you are a startup —

We build MVPs and B2C startups. Applications such as
financial control app or a Social Network in matter of weeks of month.

Yes, if you are an enterprise —

We enhance your business by automating
and simplifying business processes.

NoCode can build any app or tool that code can build.

Faster. Cheaper.

With NoCode we can build all kinds of systems, startups, internal tools faster and efficiently than traditional development

Code VS No Code internal tool

Maintaining contacts of hundreds of employees is hard

If something urgent happens - the person should be contacted immediately from your phone.

That's why Antons, СEO of scandiweb decided that they need an internal app urgently

They tried to develop it with code. did not work. Maintenance, bugs, and lots of resources to keep up to date overweighted the benefits.

Watch the video and see how the company life changed after we created a NoCode app for them.


I am very happy that already more than a year this NoCode app is
just working!


It was very easy, quick, and cost-efficient to build this application


One of the best things is that it’s very easy to be altered towards our own internal needs and usually updates take onlya very small timeframe


It is super easy for me to manage all this information regarding gym expenses from colleagues in this app


This NoCode app is a complete must for people like me as I have a lot of team members and now I can see each person's birthday, contact details, and other info


We have a lot of employees and more people are joining but there, in this app, it makes it a lot easier to manage events

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Our NoCode capabilities

With NoCode we can build all kinds of systems, startups, internal tools faster and efficiently than traditional development.

Internal business tools

CRM systems, project management systems
and internal business tools.


Build landing pages, internal and external product catalogues, corporate websites, multi-page websites and eCommerce solutions with outstanding design.


Enhance your business with automation between existing systems in your company.

Content management

Automate the publication of content and new products on your social networks, websites, chatbots and other traffic sources.

Back-end dev

Create a full-fledged NoCode backend for your project or transfer logic from the existing code to the NoCode platform.


Automate the onboarding of your customers and employees with NoCode tools.


Create a sales/marketing funnel using chatbots (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, What's App, Website).

Complex systems

Create complex applications, eLearning platforms for clients and employees, and monitoring/statistics systems
for management and owners.

Customer support

Create complete, customised solutions
for the customer support department.

Review management

Create systems for monitoring feedback and reviews of your products on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
and search engines.


Visualise website analytics and marketing performance
of your business.

You ask - We build

With the power of NoCode tools we will help you build
and grow your products.

We connect with popular systems as well as custom API's

Our team

NoCode leaders

Eldar Agayev
No code solution consultant
Nikita Grigals
No code product owner
Alfreds Genkins
No code solution delivery

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