Start the development on your Magento store with Magento Growth Package - at no Cost

scandiweb is your strategic partner for building, migrating, and optimizing Magento stores. Experience our top-tier service with no initial commitment.

Trusted by leading global brands

Trusted by global leading brands

Kickstart the development

Start the development with scandiweb on your Magento store with zero-cost onboarding, eCommerce Strategic Roadmap and audits, all on us.

Customized Performance Enhancement Plan

Our team of certified Magento experts will analyze your current setup and provide a strategic plan focused on boosting site speed, improving user experience, and increasing conversion rates – all without any upfront commitment.

Zero-Cost Onboarding

Begin your journey with scandiweb without any upfront fees. We'll guide you through our process, tools, and services to ensure a smooth start for your project.

Magento Performance Audit

Let us dive into your website's performance to spot where we can make it faster and stronger, so you don't keep customers waiting.

eCommerce Strategic Roadmap

Receive a custom, step-by-step, 2-5 year eCommerce growth roadmap tailored to scale your Magento store, at no additional cost.

CRO Audit

We'll take a close look at how customers interact with your site and give you clear steps to turn more visits into sales.

SEO Audit

We'll go through your website to find and fix the hidden hurdles that keep you from topping search results, drawing more visitors to your site.

Enhance every aspect of your store

Explore our range of Magento services designed for seamless upgrades, efficient migrations, and enhanced conversion rates to elevate your store's performance.

Upgrade Magento

Stay ahead with the latest Magento version for enhanced security, improved functionality, and a better shopping experience.

Platform and Theme Migration

Migrate seamlessly to the Magento platform or refresh your storefront for a superior user interface and user experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Implement strategic enhancements proven to turn browsers into buyers, significantly lifting your conversion metrics.

Up to


additional revenue with email marketing

Up to


more conversions after checkout optimization

Increase Speed and Performance

Improve your site's responsiveness and loading times to keep customers engaged and reduce bounce rates.

Design & UX

Craft compelling, user-centric designs that drive engagement and sales.

Up to


traffic increase with SEO

Up to


for Paid Ads

Support & Maintenance

Ensure smooth, uninterrupted store operation with our dedicated support and maintenance services.

We’re the agency behind the top eCommerce stores

See how we've transformed online stores into revenue-generating powerhouses.

Deep dive into your store's performance

Not yet ready for full commitment? Start with a complimentary Magento Performance Audit!

Code Health Check

Ensure your codebase is clean, efficient, and poised for scaling your business.

Security Overview


Magento Performance Audits delivered

Performance Review & Action Plan

Enhance your store's speed and user experience with our suggested optimizations, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales.

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A comprehensive eCommerce partner for businesses of all sizes and industries.


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Globally acclaimed Magento expertise

At Scandiweb, we're at the forefront of Magento development, and we're pretty proud of it! Our team is packed with certified Magento professionals – the largest team out there – and we've got the awards to show for our knack for innovation.

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