A Waterfall of Testimonials

Scandiweb prides ourselves on quick, efficient and good solutions. Doesn’t every agency? Those have become alluring buzzwords, propagated to convince clients and portray a positive company profile. At Scandiweb, however, those aren’t just buzzwords.

Showing our worth through our work, Scandiweb’s incredible and highly-praised Digital Care department has received a lot of gratitude for delivering with the efficiency and quality, which is characteristic to our company.

In fact, they were offered a challenge — receive 200 Thank Yous over a month, and get rewarded with a company-paid 2 week opportunity to work from Valencia! A month later, client gratitude exceeded 300 instances, and off we went — read about our Valencia adventures here!

In what follows, you can browse through some of the good words and Thank You’s our clients have directed our way! Not only is this proof that we’re doing it right, but it’s also motivation to keep at it and do even better! So we would like to extend a sincere Thank You in return to those who appreciate the work we do and support us in return with good words!

The torrent of ‘Thank You’s

All looks great and all links are working perfectly. Thank you.
Korinne — 27/Sep/18 7:03 PM

Hi Lauris, I just checked and it looks great. Many thanks and kind regards,
Nicolai — 19/Sep/18 5:15 PM

Hi Daniels, Thanks for the update, it works perfect. Please move this ticket to completed
Nicolai — 14/Sep/18 12:29 PM

Hi Jurijs, Thanks for the update, it seems to be perfect now! You can archive this ticket.
Nicolai — 12/Sep/18 8:18 PM

Dear Alberts, Great work! We don’t seem to experience any issue. Thanks!
Emir — 16/Oct/18 1:43 PM

Ola — 22/Feb/18 4:55 PM

All thank you! Surprisingly smooth migration — so far! Many thanks for your help. Best,
Harry — 26/Jul/18 5:17 PM

Hi Katrina, Many thanks for that. It’s nice to know we got you looking after us on this! Thanks
Harry — 05/Jun/18 11:28 AM

Hi Alex — We are happy with the work you have done and this and are happy for you to close the ticket. Many thanks,
Alan — 17/Sep/18 1:35 PM

Hi Livija — thank you for your work on this task to improve the health of our system. We are happy to have the ticket marked as closed. Regards,
Alan — 06/Sep/18 4:38 PM

Hi Katrina — it’s perfect. We are very happy with the solution. Please mark this ticket as closed, and thanks again!
Alan — 12/Apr/18 12:45 PM

Hi Alex — I can see that it’s now fixed. Thank you for your help with this and the header, which now looks much better! We are happy for you to again mark this ticket as done
Alan — 23/May/18 1:04 PM

Hi Vladimir — no, everything is fine. We’re happy with the solution in place. Thanks for your work on this task. We’re happy to mark as completed.
Alan — 12/Apr/18 12:39 PM

Hi Normunds, THIS LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER! THANK YOU! Good to push live! No questions from us!
Kelly — 29/Jun/18 5:25 PM

Hi Valerijs, Thank you! Looks great! And thank you for sending the “How-to” over! I imagine we will be making more charts in the future! Thanks again,
Kelly — 10/Jul/18 9:55 PM

Thank you! Really, now I am feeling much better
Emi — 11/Oct/18 10:47 AM

Thank you Frenks, for so many tickets. You are really good and professional. It’s very nice work with you!
Emi — 09/Oct/18 6:20 PM

Hi Lauris, That looks perfect! I can’t ask for more. Thank you!
Ed — 09/Jul/18 9:05 PM

Hi Katrina, Thanks for adding the alphabetical order. Everything seems to be working perfectly — thanks for getting it finished this week. The ticket can be closed.
Brett — 27/Jul/18 2:43 AM

Hi Jurijs, great summary and investigative work!
Jason — 25/May/18 8:18 PM

Hi Indars, Good work! Please proceed with testing and deployment.
Daniel — 04/Oct/18 10:09 PM

Hi Artis, Perfect, thank you! Please proceed.
Daniel — 18/Jun/18 4:51 PM

Ok. Thanks for your quick action on this Nikita!
Jim — 22/Jul/18 9:06 PM

We are back up and running now. Thanks for jumping on this so quickly!
Jim — 18/Jul/18 1:10 AM

Deniss, great catch and great response! Thanks!
Jim — 13/Apr/18 1:03 AM

Hi Janis, Thank you for the fix and service. Have a good weekend.
Martijn — 13/Apr/18 5:22 PM

looks great! Thank you very much!
Hakan — 09/Oct/18 4:41 PM

Great Job! Thanks
Onur — 05/Oct/18 6:00 PM

Thank you, Works very efficiently. We may close the task.
Onur — 07/Aug/18 1:08 PM

Thank you for your flexibility and collaboration.
Onur — 09/Aug/18 2:38 PM

Hello Livija, Thank you for the good research, report and the action. Approved! Thanks…
Hakan — 26/Jul/18 12:51 PM

Flawless. Thanks Livija,
Hakan — 26/Jul/18 2:08 PM

great solutions on both, thank you, please deploy live
Onur — 19/Jun/18 4:30 PM

Well done Vladislavs! The design is ok. It can be deployed to live.
Hakan — 28/May/18 6:42 PM

Wonderful, thank you!
Onur — 21/May/18 1:52 PM

Hello Janis, Thank you for the detailed report and your suggestions.
Hakan — 19/Apr/18 3:37 PM

Hi Austris, Thank you for the amazing work you always do.
Roberto — 20/Sep/18 10:46 PM

Roberto — 20/Sep/18 6:17 PM

Perfect Janis Thanks!
Jenny — 10/Sep/18 11:03 AM

Excellent work Janis, Thanks a lot!
Jenny — 07/Sep/18 4:09 PM

Thank you. It looks great
Ee — 25/Sep/18 11:03 AM

Hello Janis, Yes, this solves the issue. Thanks for this great support. This task is done. Send best greetings to you and Kaspars
Tom — 16/Apr/18 4:09 PM

Hello Jurijs: Production code is working as requested. Thank you very much for your assistance and prompt response. It is very much appreciated and I will research the commits shortly. Thank you
Joseph — 20/Jun/18 4:14 PM

Deniss — I’m really impressive and thankful for your fantastic help!
Niklas — 30/May/18 11:29 PM

Hi Rolands — it’s correct! Thanks for amazing support and help with this issue. Please forward this to the team. Best regards,
Niklas — 31/May/18 6:28 PM

Pierre — 20/Oct/16 7:40 PM

Ok great! and wow, that’s a lot of commits
Willem — 27/Aug/18 12:00 PM

Hi Ronalds, Very good, Scandiweb is on a roll this week
Willem — 02/Aug/18 4:43 PM

Hi Austris and Ronalds, Great work from the both of you. I have tested all of the different capture options and it all works perfectly. This will definitely help especially our colleagues from Germany. This issue can be closed.
Willem — 07/Aug/18 4:00 PM

Hi Ronalds, Thanks for the update, keep up the good work! Best,
Willem — 01/Feb/18 5:18 PM

Perfect. Thank you so much. This is approved.
Tena — 17/Sep/18 6:02 PM

Perfect. Yes please proceed with this one. Thank you
Tena — 24/Jul/18 2:31 PM

Hi Lauris, Thanks for the update, it looks perfect now. Kind regards,
Nicolai — 02/Oct/18 4:20 PM

Hi Jurijs, It looks great, thanks. Please close this ticket. Kind regards,
Nicolai — 14/Sep/18 12:44 PM

Hi Nikita, OK perfect, thanks for the update.
Nicolai — 30/Aug/18 2:17 PM

Hi Nikita, You are right! It looks much better this way
Nicolai — 14/Sep/18 6:14 PM

Awesome, thanks! You may close the ticket!
Emir — 25/Jul/18 9:06 AM

Hi Uldis and Ola, Homepage Finland looks good! Thanks for your help!
Erica — 16/May/18 12:46 PM

Strike that. I’ve done it! Thanks very much once more Nikita! We can complete this job.
Harry — 02/Aug/18 2:43 PM

Thank you Nikita! No problem on the canonical URLs. Thank you for jumping onto this so quickly! Best,
Harry — 02/Aug/18 2:31 PM

Hi Nikita, Thank you for dealing with this and for chasing Reload. All is well here. Hope so with you too! Thanks
Harry — 12/Jul/18 6:21 PM*

Yes, That’s great. Thank you Nikita. We can put this to bed! Best
Harry — 05/Jul/18 9:32 AM

Dear Jurijs, You have been so quick to react to this! Thank you very much. Thank you for the screen shot in staging to show what it would look like — very helpful.
Sarah — 22/Jun/18 1:35 PM

Dear Ronalds, Thank you very much. That is a great help. Sarah
Sarah — 04/Apr/18 6:08 PM

Hi Katrina, Thank you for your help and have a good weekend. Best
Harry — 23/Mar/18 6:18 PM

Katrina, Thanks a lot for the reactivity
Guillaume — 08/Mar/18 9:55 AM

Hello Livija! Yes, this is perfect.
Mikko — 27/Aug/18 3:53 PM

It works great! Thanks. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Susan — 18/Jun/18 4:40 PM

Thanks! It looks good! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Susan — 10/Jul/18 2:09 AM

Hi Livija, thank you for your work on this.
Alan — 11/Oct/18 4:25 PM

Hi Vladimir- everything looks great to me. I’m happy for you to mark this ticket as done. Many thanks for your help!
Alan — 16/Aug/18 5:45 PM

Hi Deniss & Rolands- Thank you for your help with this ticket. We are happy for you to close it.
Alan — 22/May/18 6:49 PM

Hi Katrina — Perfect!
Alan — 04/Apr/18 6:06 PM

Kaspars great! thanks you Kaspars.
Zhifan — 29/Aug/18 5:32 PM

Ronalds — Everything looks good, thank you!
Linda — 07/Jun/18 9:22 AM

Hi Valerijs, Perfect! Thank you for fixing! Good to close.
Kelly — 23/Jul/18 4:11 PM

Hi Normunds, Perfect! Thank you for the clarification! Greatly appreciated!
Kelly — 27/Jun/18 8:33 PM

Hi Indars, Perfect!
Kelly — 20/Jun/18 5:52 PM

Fantastic! Thank you
Emi — 11/Oct/18 4:05 PM

Hi Normunds, Thank you for fixing the problem. The header shows up as expected. This ticket can be closed. Thanks,
Ed — 22/Aug/18 3:28 PM

Hi Normunds, This now works! Thank you for the fix.
Ed — 10/Jul/18 11:08 PM

Hi Lauris, Everything looks good thank you!
Ed — 10/Jul/18 7:44 PM

Perfect! Thank you.
Ed — 30/May/18 5:07 PM

Hi Nikita, thank you for rapid resolution of this issue.
Jason — 10/Oct/18 12:55 AM

Hi Jurijs, Thanks very much for the quick fix and the explanation.
Brett — 14/Sep/18 11:28 PM

Hi Katrina, Thanks for taking care of this issue so quickly. Everything looks good now — you may close the ticket. Cheers,
Brett — 18/Jul/18 7:37 PM

Hi Katrina, Everything is working great now. This ticket can be closed. Thanks!
Brett — 22/May/18 11:44 PM

Hi Janis, This is perfect. thank you
Shaun — 10/May/18 11:03 AM

Looks good to me. Thanks!
Jim — 17/Sep/18 7:53 PM

Looks good to me. Thanks!
Jim — 22/Feb/18 9:45 PM

Hi Janis, No errors anymore, thanks for helping. Kind regards,
Martijn — 11/Jul/18 6:53 PM

very good plan approved!
Hakan — 23/May/18 4:30 PM

Thank you it works!We may close the ticket.
Onur — 24/Sep/18 4:24 PM

Thank you it works great, It may be pushed to live and the ticket can be closed.
Onur — 10/May/18 11:19 AM

Wonderful, please deploy.
Onur — 25/May/18 2:53 PM

Thank you! Works great!
Onur — 09/May/18 1:34 PM

Perfect! Thank you!
Hakan — 22/Feb/18 2:42 PM

Wonderful, please deploy.
Onur — 24/May/18 4:07 PM

Hi Nikita, It works great! Please deploy it live. Thank you.
Steven — 28/Aug/18 7:26 PM

Thank you, Ronalds, Looks good. Thank you.
Steven — 28/May/18 11:20 PM

Hi Alberts, Thank you very much for your update. Everything looks good. Please close the ticket.
Steven — 03/Oct/18 9:43 PM

Dins: Thanks for the update and the fix. Everything seems to be working correctly now. This ticket can be closed out.
Diana — 12/Jun/18 5:26 PM

Hello Janis, this task is done. All works fine I thank you and send best regards
Tom — 22/May/18 4:44 PM

Hi Uldis, Looks great! Thank you very much. This ticket can be closed.
Oliva — 24/May/18 5:11 PM

Looks good, thank you!
Gary — 08/May/18 2:27 PM

Great, works perfectly!
Daniel — 09/Oct/18 5:39 PM

Daniils Hi! Working perfectly!
Daniel — 6 days ago

Seems to be working correct! Great, Best
Daniel — 15/Oct/18 10:58 AM

Perfect, thanks!
Pierre — 26/Jun/18 4:41 PM

Hi Ronalds, Thanks a lot for the quick response and flexibility.
Willem — 01/Oct/18 4:30 PM

Hi Ronalds, Thank you for the explanation
Willem — 28/Aug/18 12:48 PM

Hi Ronalds, Perfect, this looks good and can also be committed. So this issue can be closed as well.
Willem — 23/Aug/18 6:16 PM

Hi Huans, Thank you very much, please proceed.
Willem — 06/Apr/18 11:15 AM

All surnames have been removed.

You made it to the end! Are you looking to join our Digital Care department and get first-hand experience of the great work we do? Shoot us a message at [email protected] and we’ll have you up and running in no time!

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