Be like your Grandma and sell more with OroCRM

Maintaining good customer relations is key to running a successful business. When it comes to tools that help you achieve this for your eCommerce store – we definitely want to recommend OroCRM. Let’s go over the main benefits of the tool and why you may need it.

Recently we had a chance to work with OroCRM + Magento projects. We were so impressed, that became silver partners with OroCRM and organized a webinar to spread the word!

Shortly – it’s the BEST thing, that can happen to your eCommerce business.

Why is OroCRM so good? And what’s it have to do with my grandmother?

I’m sure your grandmother, same as mine, really knew what you like and how you like it. She always knew when to give you a plate of hot soup or to buy you an ice-cream. She didn’t even ask questions, things magically appeared in her palms and went straight to you. It all was possible, because she really cares about you, and knows your habits and likes.

We believe this is exactly what your customers needs. There are various trackable signs that your clients are leaving during online shopping.

Common signs that customers are leaving your online store:

  • Orders placed
  • Items purchased at checkout
  • Items in abandoned shopping carts
  • Registration account tracking
  • Webpages visited
  • Emails Sent/Opened/Clicked/Unsubscribed/Bounced
  • And other customizable events tracking (i.e. button activity tracking)

How OroCRM can help:

Here is a brief list of possibilities, that OroCRM can definitely do:

  • OroCRM allows Account Managers to see full data from all communication channels, including phone, email, web forms and live chat in a single, comprehensive view.
  • Once data is in the CRM platform, it is easy for marketing professionals to gather metrics from individual marketing channels and campaigns, providing analytics to make future efforts even more effective.
  • Flexible segmentation engine assures that every customer gets the information that is most relevant to their specific needs.
  • OroCRM integration with leading mailing services, helps to easily segment and reach out to customers from their wide range of channels.
  • Use information captured from marketing automation tools, customer support systems, ERP & eCommerce platforms, and more to create targeted marketing campaigns, increase sales and conversions, and decrease customer churn, all resulting in the overall growth of your business.

Knowing your customer is the key to sell items and increase customer loyalty and your brand recognition.

Have more questions about OroCRM? Or need a custom solution? You’ve come to the right place! Scandiweb is the most certified Magento agency in the world with more than a hundred experienced coders and more than a decade of experience under its belt. We’re here to help, so if you have any questions – drop us a line at [email protected] or check out our services page.

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