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Case Study: How Jaidah Group Redefined Car Shopping in the Middle East

Jaidah Group, based in Qatar, boasts a rich legacy spanning over 120 years, dynamically operating across seven pivotal sectors and representing over 100 esteemed global brands. With a footprint that extends to more than 30 international markets, it serves an expansive clientele of over 3 million customers.

In this case study, you will discover how Jaidah Group introduced the first end-to-end digital car sales platform in the Middle East and set unparalleled standards in the industry.


  • Jaidah Group, in collaboration with scandiweb, successfully launched the first comprehensive online car sales platform in the Middle East
  • Seamless online-to-offline transitions were realized through advanced technological solutions
  • Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the platform was transformed into an engagement hub that actively generates leads

Business goals

Modern consumers seek a seamless blend of online and offline shopping experiences. And more and more individuals are gravitating towards online purchases. Jaidah Group recognized this trend and realized the need to evolve from being just a digital window to cars to offering a complete online purchasing experience.

The primary goal of this project was to adopt a unified commerce strategy, refining the car-buying process. This ensures that customers experience a fluid, secure, and transparent journey, seamlessly connecting digital platforms and physical showrooms.

The platform should provide potential buyers with a user-friendly interface where they can easily compare car models, identify their ideal vehicle, choose custom add-ons, and explore various financing options. The goal was to simplify the car-buying process while allowing customers the flexibility to switch between online browsing and in-person interactions.

Approach and solutions

At the heart of Jaidah Group’s transformation is its state-of-the-art platform. Powered by Adobe Commerce and ScandiPWA, it promises a swift, mobile-optimized user experience. 

Integrated digital platform

The cornerstone of the project’s approach was the development of a unified digital platform. This platform was meticulously designed to allow potential buyers to easily compare various car models, identify their preferred vehicle, select custom add-ons, and explore different financing options. The integration of these features into a single platform streamlined the car-buying process, making it both user-friendly and efficient.

Unified shopping experience

Recognizing the diverse preferences of modern consumers, the platform was built with the flexibility to allow customers to smoothly transition between online browsing and in-showroom experiences. This ensured that the car-buying journey, from initial contemplation to final acquisition, remained uninterrupted and cohesive.

Furthermore, the platform amplifies this integrated experience by allowing customers to initiate their purchases in the showroom and later continue online.

With a simple login using their mobile number and national identity number (Qatar Identification Number or QID), customers can retrieve their quotations and conclude their purchases online. This feature provides them with the flexibility to finalize transactions at their leisure and convenience.

Enhanced transactional security

Jaidah Group placed a significant emphasis on ensuring the security of customer transactions. As a solution to potential security concerns, every quote, order, or booking made on the platform is fortified with SMS verification. This proactive approach guarantees a robust safeguarding process, instilling confidence in customers.

Transparent pricing policy

To address potential pricing discrepancies and ambiguities, a unified pricing policy was introduced. This policy ensures that whether a customer is exploring options online or in a physical showroom, the pricing remains consistent and transparent, eliminating any potential confusion.

Flexible Payment Methods

The platform offers a diverse range of payment options to cater to customers with varied payment preferences. Customers can choose to pay in full online, apply for financing, or opt for a combined approach where they reserve their vehicle online and complete the transaction in person.

Engagement hub with lead generation

Beyond being a mere sales platform, the system serves as a dynamic engagement hub. Integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the platform is adeptly designed to actively generate and nurture leads, positioning it as more than just a point of sale but as a comprehensive customer engagement tool.

Advanced automation and integration

Central to Jaidah Group’s digital evolution are the seamlessly integrated automated processes. Salesforce is instrumental in this, managing everything from stock to real-time order statuses. Real-time delivery estimates based on the car’s VIN status ensure transparency, while the synchronization of test-drive and showroom bookings with Salesforce guarantees up-to-date model availability and flexible scheduling.

Enhanced customer experience through tailored services

Service appointments, integrated with the ERP system, provide customized packages tailored to the specific details of each car. Additionally, the in-house financing process is made more efficient using Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce), which keeps customers informed at every stage of the leasing approval journey.


Jaidah Group’s forward-thinking strategy has masterfully integrated the digital and physical facets of the automotive shopping experience. Fully embracing a unified commerce approach, Jaidah Group has streamlined the car-buying process, ensuring customers enjoy a seamless, secure, and transparent journey across both digital and physical touchpoints.

Together, Jaidah Group and scandiweb have set a new benchmark for digital automotive commerce through advanced technological integrations and collaborative innovation.

The platform currently hosts renowned brands like Hyundai and Geely and is primed to welcome Chevrolet, Genesis, and Isuzu soon. 

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