Our strategy workshops and long-term guidance focus on every component of your operations, be it data & analytics, customer experience, digital, or to-be-digital ecosystem for your business.

When we start, we usually look into business & market opportunities and let business goals lead to 3 other strategic pillars—digital ecosystem, customer lifecycle, and customer experience.

Business & market opportunities

Business opportunity usually falls into the benefits of business acceleration and efficiency via digital transformation of the value chain. Either already on the executive agenda or discovered during our Digital Maturity Audit, we describe areas for change and their business impact.

On the market side, we consider the world to be flat, as technology and digital have few borders, so a successful business model can be scaled globally. We undertake market research and competitor analysis to quantify the size of the business opportunity, competition, logistical challenges, and legal context.

Once market opportunities and business goals are set, we look into 3 strategic pillars that bring these goals to life.

3 pillars of delivery

Digital ecosystem

It is the digital core of your business and infrastructure. This is where data flows, systems are integrated, products are seen, customers are placing orders, and behavior data is collected and analyzed. You can think about it as a restaurant chain with the best ingredients and the best chefs cooking, supply chains working, waiters ready to serve, and BI telling you what to cook the next season. It's a well-oiled mechanism, yet it does not have visitors yet, so we move to the next pillar.

Customer lifecycle

It is a long-term strategy to fill your ecosystem with customers and orders. Traffic acquisition, conversion, re-engagement, retention. From big things like performance marketing and AI-driven personalization to abandoned cart email A/B testing and retargeting banner production. Now your ecosystem is filled with customers but are they happy? How do they feel? This is what our third pillar is focused on.

Customer experience

It is the top layer of strategy as intimate as the experience that your customers subtly feel along their whole interactions lifecycle—from awareness, intent, first purchase, and then slowly becoming a promoter and brand ambassador! We may start to model customer experience right after setting business goals and then figure out the tools to enable envisioned CX, or we first harden and optimize the ecosystem, integrate platforms, bring relevant traffic, and then audit the resulting experience and set a strategy to improve and monitor it.

Strategic roadmap

Business goals along with an enablement plan across 3 pillars are expressed in a strategic roadmap that assigns expected delivery dates based on the effort required.

The roadmap is revised during a quarterly meeting between key customer stakeholders and our strategic account manager. We review delivered items and their impact, work in progress, schedule adoption and training workshops, and connect with necessary departments and their leaders to drive progress ahead.

Check our Delivery and Quality Assurance methodology to get to know how we plan, deliver, verify, and validate on a day-to-day basis.

Do you have what it takes to deliver the envisioned strategy?

Yes, our strategy is supported by in-house Competence and Delivery Centers across each of the 3 enablement pillars.

Customer experience (CX)

Get in touch to talk strategy or join our eCommerce Accelerator

eCommerce Growth Accelerator onboards your project within a week or two and runs a quick health check across technology, traffic acquisition, and user experience. We identify low-hanging fruits and deliver them, as well as tap any revenue leakage we find.

Once all quick gains are realized and your platform is stable, we plan for long-term results across business & market opportunities, digital ecosystem, customer lifecycle, and CX.