3 reasons to build
a new store on Shopify Plus

Fast time to market choosing limited customizations

Go-live within weeks! Choose a ready-to-use theme (or create a custom one), import data, adjust data-management processes to match Shopify workflows, and launch new a store really fast!

Upgrades and security patches? Never again!

Most Shopify upgrades happen automatically, without any extra development effort required. In case of a major upgrade option, which is released once in a few years such as the Shopify Online Store 2.0, it will take extra time but still be much faster than with any other major eCommerce platform.

Buy and build—a marketplace with 7,000 Apps

Shopify Marketplace has ready to use App for any needs—from small UX enhancements to ERP integrations. If you can’t find what you need it is always possible to create your own private app supporting your company-specific business requirements.

Why build Shopify Plus with scandiweb?

Launching Shopify stores since 2014

From back-end integrations to headless front-end, we take care of it all. We help to find the right architectural decision for your new Shopify store (be it a custom Shopify theme, custom app, or API-first PWA web store) or revamp your existing store with our know-how e.g. see our workflow on Shopify performance optimization.

We have been thrilled to work with scandiweb and hope to continue long-term—they have been doing fantastic work!
Executive Commerce Director at The New York Times
Steve Mayne

Trusted by big and small

Our Shopify solutions are run by both New York Times and a wool farm in Yorkshire.

We help to overcome any Shopify limitations

While Shopify is known for its simplicity, it has technical limitations when it comes to supporting enterprise-grade projects. And our Shopify experts love such challenges! We follow “new enterprise” trends and help you leave your legacy software behind, migrating it to the cloud and developing ERP, CRM, PIM, OMS, 3rd integrations or middle layers to support your business-specific operations.

Shopify ecosystem contributors

We built a headless PWA theme for Shopify on React. Free and open-source, it is available at shopify.scandipwa.com

Delivering an ecosystem for growth, not just a web store

Our CX designers, SEO specialists, Marketing Automation and Traffic Acquisition experts work together to set strategy for product recommendations & sorting, searchandising, lead capture mechanisms, excel post-purchase journey and much more. Their only goal - drive conversions to your store after go-live.

Experience in migration from other platforms such as Magento or CommereTools

Customers are confident in our ability to execute migration due to our migration methodology process proven in more than 20 Shopify migrations. In addition to technology, the migration process is covered by the SEO team to keep the project’s search rankings, top-performing pages, and setup URL redirects correctly. See how Kouboo migration to Shopify drives 72% organic growth.

Want to migrate and interested in the timeline and costs?

If you already started your project, but it has issues, we can take it over!

There is no visible progress for weeks and Go-Live is delayed again

Site data is not updated, establishing a connection with ERP or any other 3rd party is failing and there is no progress for long

Your current partner does not have the competence and resources to deliver what you need

There is a lack of cross-competence orchestration, designers are not aware of wireframes, the data layer is not connected, the SEO team is not scheduled, and change requests and comments are lost and not actioned

The site is extremely slow, pages take 5-10 seconds to load

There is no clear end-to-end test strategy to make sure that all processes such as price, stock update and order management are working correctly

What is the process of launching a new Shopify store with us?

Discovery & estimate

After the initial meeting, we plan a discovery process to analyze the current state of your operations and envisioned a plan to build or migrate to Shopify Plus. We describe and define the objects to be built such as the platform, custom features, SEO, integrations, and data layer. The necessary time and effort to build them are reflected in the estimate that is part of the agreement.

MVP and opportunity check

We usually suggest launching MVP asap as we have an Accelerator Program, where you can get production-ready Shopify Plus in a few weeks. Once launched we can build on top of it all the other necessary features, integration, and connect personalization and AI tools.

Delivery roadmap

Once we start work, we share the project delivery roadmap across all the streams such as graphical design, frontend development, backend development, ERP integration, technical SEO, data layer & analytics.

Weekly progress reporting & demo

Every week or every two weeks you will be invited to the demo and receive a sprint report summarising results achieved and updating the point where we are on the overall project roadmap.

Large milestones demo

In addition to sprint demos and reports, we also plan larger milestones on the roadmap that aggregate efforts across streams into a demo build of your project.

Milestones are usually as follows

Clean Shopify Plus theme is setup with all 3rd party Apps integrated

UX team prepared new layout wireframes

Design team prepared global style guide and UI designs for all confirmed wireframes

ERP, WMS, or similar systems are connected to your new store and default data starts to be alive with the import of real SKUs, prices, and stocks. Placed basic orders can be received in the ERP system if order export is part of the order flow.

The frontend team has completed your theme and it is available for review on a separate server instance with default data. After its approval, it is merged to the Staging instance, so that your basic data that is now alive and connected to ERP systems is displayed in the correct look and feel and layout.

Custom modules are coded and data from the previous platform is migrated.

SEO team has been working in parallel and makes sure that all content, metadata, and redirects are set up correctly

Data & Analytics team makes sure that all events on the front are correctly tagged and sent to the data collection platform

UAT and pre-live simulation

The site undergoes end-to-end UAT and pre-live simulation after all scope is delivered and tested internally. Pre-live environment is confirmed on the live domain e.g. prelive.yoursite.com accessible for restricted IP addresses only.


Data migration scripts are updated to prepare for Go-Live and delta data migration to take account of the new products, customers, and orders.

A maintenance page is set up on the current site, the new site cache is warmed up, the pre-live domain is changed into the live one—the new website is up and running!

Post-go-live monitoring

Project delivery, SEO, UX, and Analytics teams are monitoring the site during the first week after going live and work in close contact with the customer to make sure that all backend processes are functioning correctly and business metrics are stable.


Further growth & acceleration planning
and execution

Connect the eCommerce Growth team for continuous improvement of eCommerce operations and business metrics.


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