eCOM360 2019: a retrospect

The conference, prominently themed “East meets West”, was put into context from the get-go by Scandiweb’s Antons Sapriko and his introduction speech. A poignant, visionary outlook on the role of eCOM360 2019 – aspiring not only to align with the present eCommerce trends, but to help connect the dots and get a glimpse of the future, inviting and encouraging to shape it. Shape the history.

eCOM360 2019 delivered on the commitment by hosting an array of exceptional presenters, and providing a platform for sharing eCommerce and marketing insight from leading international businesses. The talks painted a complex and refreshing picture of the current state of the industry worldwide. Here is a quick recap of last year’s program highlights:

Ajit Sivadasan of Lenovo had an insightful talk on core aspects of digital disruptiondemographics, ethics, governing.

Jasper Knoben of Philips gave a talk on developing eCommerce in South-East Asia, pointing out important specifics of the region and outlining platform dynamics.

Google’s Rudi Anggono shared behavioral insights from his experience as Head of Creative, and some creative ideas they have sparked. Provided his distinct view on the importance of understanding users and providing long term value. 

Mario Vinasco of Uber presented a view of the company as a giant machine learning engine, discussing benefits and talking through some case studies.

Pavan Pidugu of Walmart spoke on merging Digital and Retail to adapt to-, master- and, eventually, drive retail trends.

Liis Ristal of Wolt shared her experience of turning food delivery into food tech and a lifestyle.

Victoria Hansen of NYT had her “dinosaur moment” sharing challenges and winning strategies The New York Times has been up to in the new age.

Dianna Yau of Facebook exposed the Whys and the Hows of developing products for the vast scape of emerging markets worldwide.

Scott Gould gave a great presentation on connecting with audiences through engagement – practical examples provided!

Prophet’s Jacqueline Thng discussed building multidimensional customer experience, and provided an intriguing view on the specifics and the psychology of brand building and marketing in ASEAN region – both online and offline. 

CXL’s Alexa Hubley demystified product marketing and product lifecycle marketing, as well as spoke about building digital marketing campaigns to help you compete in a saturated market. 

Magento’s Ben Marks spoke on how to adjust your eCommerce mindset to “make every moment personal, and every experience shoppable”.

Maria Dirina of Yandex provided a fascinating look at surrounding users with your infrastructure, and the effect it has on advertising and marketing.

Alibaba’s Dmitry Selikhov gave an insider’s look at the present and the future of expanding market presence and user awareness within Russian market space.

All in all, the audience was in for a truly encouraging set of talks. Despite the super friendly and light-hearted atmosphere, the information that was shared has a serious impact and  concerns anyone even remotely involved with eCommerce today.

eCOM360 2019 has set a great precedent in the tech community, and put Riga on the global map as a place where East meets West to learn, exchange ideas, share experiences, and have a great time at it!
For those who have walked past last year’s event, we suggest you visit the video report of all the conference talks, and if you are interested in eCOM360 2020, be sure to follow this link to find all the necessary information.

We will also be providing more updates via our blog, so stay tuned for more news and stories to get an insider’s look into the event answering the question “What’s Next in Digital?” – eCOM360 2020.

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