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eCOM360 2020 To Take Place Online

Live Conference Has Been Rescheduled To October. Join eCOM360 warm-up!

As a response to the recent restrictions imposed globally, and as a necessity to ensure attendee health and safety, the eCOM360 conference organizers have made a decision to reserve April 17th, 2020 for an online-only event. The live conference has been rescheduled to October 6th, 2020.

The original conference agenda was published shortly before the restrictions came into force. The event aims to gather representatives from over 20 of the world’s leading brands as well as hundreds of eCommerce practitioners in Riga, Latvia in order to share experience and set the vector for further development both on local markets and globally. 

The organizers can assure that the initial event program will not only follow through on the promise but will be enriched to provide visitors with the best possible experience.

Some of the speakers scheduled to perform on April 17th will deliver presentations during a one-day online conference, held on that day. You can follow this link to register for free.

In autumn, the live event will host speakers representing household names from across Europe and the USA, sharing details of their company success stories. Additionally, there are a number of unique eCommerce practitioners joining us for discussion sessions and practical workshops. 

All in all, it is safe to say that eCOM360 is gathering world leaders in the digital field, aiming to provide a unique outlook of the industry. This includes an overview of the mobile-first transformation by Alessandra Alari & Natasha Kosoglov, Head of Search and Digital User Experiences Mobile Performance Lead at Google, as well as an eCommerce survival guide for the new decade by Scott Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer at Warner Music Group.

Here are more session details to give you a taste of the October event:

  • Joe Rice, Data & Enterprise Solutions Lead at Twitter, will talk about leveraging information gained from user posts to identify trends and changing consumer preferences.
  • Chip Reno, Advertising Technology Leader at T-Mobile, will discuss the new age of person-based eCommerce, marketing and analytics to drive more sales.
  • Melissa Jane Pickering, Head of Interactive Play at Lego, will share the experience of adopting a digital strategy without reinventing your product.
  • Yannis Eelen, Digital Innovations Lead at Heineken, will tell us how to engage digitally with consumers, getting more sales without selling.
  • Brian Matuszewski, Global Innovation & Strategic Lead at Terracycle / Loop, will discuss what companies need to take into account when making a shift towards sustainability.
  • John Collins, Director of Content at Intercom, will provide an insight into delivering content marketing that converts
  • Simo Ahava, Partner & Senior Data Advocate 8-bit-sheep, will explain what browsers’ tracking protection initiatives mean for your business
  • Jean-Philippe Blerot, Head of digital & eCommerce projects at Carrefour BE, will deliver a talk on frictionless omnichannel retail, explaining how carrefour are reinventing their eCommerce to stay the most digitally savvy retailer 
  • Victor Emilson, Group eCommerce Director at Urbanista, will provide an insider look at the tactics and approaches that allowed the company to grow online for 1,000% in one year
  • Tatiana Tretyak, Product Manager at, will talk us through the culture of experimenting at
  • Havard Stjernen, Country Manager Benelux and Nordics at Wish, will describe the challenges of taking eCommerce offline.
  • Maciej Jamiołkowski, Business Development Executive at Nethone, will talk about the importance of secure checkout process and knowing your users, to save conversion rates
  • Christian Wehner, Global XM Ambassador at SAP, will speak about staying relevant to your audience and exploring new business models.
  • Richard Lloyd-Williams & Aisha Khalid, ex-Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Global Ecommerce at Hugo Boss, will give a presentation on Hugo Boss’ journey towards seamless, premium omnichannel experience.

While the event’s main stage will be dedicated to speaker presentations, the audience will also have the opportunity to participate in QA sessions and niche panel discussions. Thus, Michael Bliah of Le Site will lead a conversation on marijuana online trade, and Nisreen Hasib, COO at Unbound, will uncover adult store secrets to increase customer loyalty.

The conference will host a number of workshops for limited audience members, in order to help them gain a perspective on practices and methods applied in eCommerce today. For instance, an improv actor Kaspars Briedaks will share useful tactics for effective communication and self-containment tactics, leading a creative workshop “Shyness as a superpower: 10 tips for business communication, inspired by improvisation theatre”.

eCOM360 live conference will take place on the 6th of October 2020 in Hanzas Perons in Riga, Latvia.

We will follow up shortly on the details of the free online conference taking place on the 17th of April 2020. Make sure to keep up with the latest updates! In the meantime, you can obtain tickets and register for the events on the eCOM360 official website:

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