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eCOM360 2020 master of ceremony announcement

This year we couldn’t think of a better fit for the role than (-drumroll-) Scott Gould!

A phenomenal practitioner in his own unique way, Scott is a public speaker, engagement expert, and a returning member of the eCOM360 lineup.

In 2019 we invited him to participate as a keynote speaker, and it was fire – in case you have missed it, here is your chance to recap. The bottom line is Scott’s a really fascinating guy, and we are happy to welcome him again – this time to steer the entire event!

Scott’s quick bio

Scott Gould is the go-to expert on engagement, and what makes people engage with ideas, brands, organisations, and each other. Formerly a church pastor, Scott learned first hand about human behaviour, the power of engagement, and the perilous misuse of that power. As a consultant, he now advises some of the world’s biggest brands and oldest organisations on getting people highly engaged around their cause. A popular and passionate keynote speaker, Scott offers a message of real engagement in a world where so much is only skin-deep.

And if you’d like to find out more, visit his website to learn about what he does and what he’s been up to recently.

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