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Email Marketing Revenue Increased by 4.8x After Klaviyo Migration

Working with you has been super effective and easy to communicate with. There were times when we needed swift response to fix pressing issues, and you have definitely delivered and exceeded expectations. Thank you for being effective, efficient, and diligent in your work.

Rufus Horne
CRM & Email Marketing Specialist at Scicon


Scicon Sports is an Italian brand with a rich history in cycling. Known for its innovative contributions, Scicon introduced the first hard case for road bikes and has since expanded its product line to include activewear, eyewear, and other accessories specifically designed for cycling. 

Despite their success, Scicon’s email marketing setup faced significant limitations. Their existing system did not support a multistore setup with multilanguage capabilities and lacked the customization needed to meet their different marketing strategies.

Project goals

Scicon aimed to find a scalable email marketing solution to address all their automation needs and resolve the pain points of their current setup. Their existing Mailchimp configuration was insufficient, lacking key automation flows such as abandoned cart reminders, birthday discounts, and product review requests. Additionally, Scicon planned to implement Linnworks as an Order Management System (OMS) in the future. 

We identified Klaviyo as a more compatible and robust integration option into their future tech ecosystem. The goal was to enhance their email marketing efficiency and effectiveness while preparing for seamless future expansions.


After carefully considering Scicon’s requirements and plans, we selected Klaviyo as the optimal solution. Klaviyo meets all the necessary capabilities, is eCommerce-oriented, and aligns well with Scicon’s planned tech ecosystem, including the future integration with Linnworks as an OMS system.

Step 1: Planning and design

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We conducted a comprehensive analysis of Scicon’s existing email marketing setup and identified key pain points and areas for improvement. Our team then developed detailed wireframes for all main email automations, ensuring they covered essential flows such as abandoned cart reminders, post-purchase notifications, welcome flow, etc. Scicon’s internal design team converted the wireframes into brand-consistent email templates.

Step 2: Implementation

We integrated Klaviyo into Scicon’s eCommerce platform, ensuring seamless data flow and synchronization. During this step, we faced and overcame challenges related to specific customizations requested by the client, successfully implementing custom logic and attribution.

Tasks completed:

  • Audience import from Mailchimp, ensuring all necessary custom properties are carried over
  • New custom properties were created for audiences requested by Scicon
  • Developing custom metrics not available in the standard Magento integration, such as viewed product and canceled payment
  • Extensive QA and testing of the email flows to ensure functionality and performance
  • Verifying DMARC, domain authentication, and other essential email security protocols
  • Adjustments of multiple currencies to convert into one central currency for reporting.
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All planned email automations were configured and tested, including those previously lacking in Scicon’s Mailchimp setup. Our team ensured that all automations were fully functional and optimized for performance.


We successfully completed the migration to Klaviyo and set up multiple email sequences in various languages, transitioning transactional emails from Mailchimp to Klaviyo. 

Email sequences set up:

  • Abandoned checkout to re-engage customers who left items in their cart
  • Welcome series for onboarding new subscribers
  • Transactional emails—order confirmations, shipping updates, and other essential communications
  • Anniversary emails, celebrating customer milestones and fostering loyalty
  • Extended warranty, offering additional protection options post-purchase
  • Post-purchase emails to follow up with customers, encourage repeat purchases, and gather feedback.

Comparing YoY data from the previous email service provider to Klaviyo, there was a 4.8x increase (+940.24%) in revenue attributed to email marketing. Such significant growth highlights the effectiveness of Scicon’s new email marketing strategy. Scicon is better equipped to engage with their global customer base through personalized and timely email communications.

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