Scandiweb Stories recap for January 2017 — have you heard about the most Magento Certified team in…

Well, we are proud to announce that Scandiweb team is the most Magento Certified team in the world!

State of Magento official Certification Directory, January 2017State of Magento official Certification Directory, January 2017

I was the first in Scandiweb to receive Magento Certificate. My motivation? To show everyone, that Scandiweb can become the best in the Magento world — Viesturs L.

Check out our Certified Specialists:

NESQUIK GO — treasure hunting application platform!

Scandiweb developed a concept for NESQUIK GO App — real life interaction with different kind of modes, features and reward system for children and their parents.

Complete real life tasks to get rewards from NESQUIK!

Stories from everyday work life, from developers to developers

Scandiweb just launched series of Support Stories — vlog for developers. Take a look at our first video below.

Salesforce + Jira integration. Solution for simplifying invoicing

Sending out invoices always takes a lot of time and requires big amount of effort, so Scandiweb came up with Jira & Salesforce integration for simplifying invoicing in any development agency.

Explore a short video demo on this integration:

Think Outside of Lunchbox — concept presentation for Adidas

We dream a whole new world companies can build around office gastronomy! Scandiweb is going to shape the corporate campus food experience of the year 2025…

Stay tuned to hear more news from the Scandiweb team!

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