How much can a Magento company accomplish in ONE Winter? – Scandiweb 2016 Winter Recap

People always want to be better, faster, stronger… So do companies as well. Apart from a professional point of view there are different options how to prove that you are the best one as well as have some fun, bring people joy, happiness and magical memories. Let’s have a look at the eventful Winter of 2016 from safeguarding Magento eCommerce stores to setting the World record for the largest Rube Goldberg machine.

Worlds largest Rube Goldberg machine

Switching on the lights on your Christmas tree always is a magical moment and this moment was never so thrilling as it was this year. Scandiweb team decided to build worlds largest Rube Goldberg machine to switch on the lights on Riga’s central Christmas tree.

So this Christmas Scandiweb team got an amazing present – Guinness World Record!

Magento mentality – Play Hard, Work Harder…

Well, while part of a team was working on the Rube Goldberg machine, another part of the team had to work twice as hard.. And did a great job!

(Magento) Safety First

One of the fantastic things that was done during autumn is a security scan of more than 12,000 Magento stores. Nowadays data security on the web is a sensitive issue, therefore we have conducted a research on security vulnerabilities in Magento stores. Well… 38.69% Magento websites can be hacked. 10.47% expose data of their customers. Since a safety is one of the human basic needs, will your customers stay loyal after a personal data breach?

In-store tablet app for Jaguar concept store

Scandiweb In-Store Kiosk App powers Jaguar Land Rover store in London. Buying a car from an In-Store is whole new experience and we are proud that our team delivered such conceptual project!

Magento Support – Not all heroes wear capes

Scandiweb 24/7 Support are heroes that help eCommerce merchants to keep their stores running, no matter what. How a team of almost 30 people manages their workflow?

Short video:

Full article:
Make Your Magento Technical Support Team Great and Your Customers Pleased!

Atlassian Experts partner

Every company takes care of their assets, so does Scandiweb. However we do in an simple and easy way.

Watch a video about Jira customisation for asset management:

To sum up – winter of 2016 was full of events, great moments and hard work. Stay tuned to find out more news about Scandiweb projects and events!

Let us help you:

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