Magento 2 Personalized Content: RichRelevance Integration

Emerging technological possibilities are bringing us into a completely new age. More than 10 years ago, we entered the age of personalization when we started to develop target groups with specific needs and personalized content for the customers.

AI has brought us into the next phase — individualization. It’s not about customer groups anymore, it’s about each individual customer — we can now offer a unique experience tailored to each person.

Scandiweb have built Magento integrations with various personalization and individualization tools, one of which is RichRelevance — a strong tool that does wonders for individualization, as it’s powered by AI and has options to set up various rules to combine individualization and business goals.


  • Product recommendations based on learned data about the customer
  • Product recommendations based on rules created by the merchant
  • Omnichannel data gathering and personalization implementation

Key benefits of RichRelevance Integration

  • Individual customer experience, where each customer gets recommendations which are targeted specifically for them, based on their history on the website.
  • Rule combination with individualization that allows not only to offer recommendations based on the customer’s previous experience but also fulfill business goals.


For implementation, RichRelevance offers two options:

  • Client-side JavaScript Integration
  • Server-side API integration

After discussion with partners from RichRelevance, we agreed to do client-side integrations.

How it works

We prepare the product, category and mapping feed files which are generated daily and placed on the RichRelevance FTP — at a certain time the system picks up the newest file and starts to process it. This is needed to keep the individualization system up-to-date with the newest and available products.

We then implement JS all over the website, because we want to track all customer interaction with the website. The integration itself is not complex but it’s time-consuming, as we needed to implement JS in almost every template and have some extra ones for the project.

This is the common/global prepareData function. It is fetching required data from Magento (API Key, Base URL, Session ID, and Customer ID), which is common for all RR requests.

This is a function that is using prepared data, adding product IDs and SKUs from the cart, and sending a request to RR servers for Placements.

How it looks

In the image below, you can see two blocks which are powered by RichRelevance — “Complete the look” and “You may also like”. The first block is configured to meet business rules, the second provides results powered only by AI.


The result is an automatic product recommendation individualization for customers which also supports business goals. The solution is easy to implement and maintain for merchants of any type and any business needs.

RichRelevance is one of the personalization tools on the market. There are many tools with different pricing and feature lists, but one thing is clear — nowadays, e-commerce stores must focus on personalization to win more customers and increase revenue. Given today’s competition, you should offer customers exactly what they want or you will lose them.

Ready to make your site work for each individual visitor, we can help you with 3rd-party Magento integrations. Reach out to us at [email protected] and we can make that happen!

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