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Magento code audit by certified Magento developers

In order to understand the Magento website build quality, used coding practices, security recommendations, improve the accuracy of estimates and the overall health condition of the website, we take our clients through a detailed technical audit which helps identify key improvement opportunities and validate the designed code base.

What is a Magento Code Audit?

  1. A fully dedicated developer spends ~1.5 weeks on the review of your Magento eCommerce site against Magento best coding practices;
  2. All found data is wrapped-up in a PDF report and presented;
  3. The discovered areas of concern are aligned in order of priority and their impact on the system.

When Do You Need A Magento Code Audit?

  • Slow site. All or part of the site’s performance is unsatisfactory, from time to time the site becomes very slow;
  • New bugs appear. New issues/bugs appear out of the blue;
  • Unstable development. New feature development is unstable as every new feature introduces new bugs in unrelated parts of the website;
  • Unstable website. Magento goes offline, HTTP 503 – Service Unavailable error, Connection Timeout, site crashing for no apparent reason;
  • Suspicion of poor quality extensions installed jeopardizing shopping experience;
  • Worries of the theme being implemented amateurishly;
  • Proactively making sure that the site is secure and all security patches are applied;
  • Validate that your Magento installation has not been hacked.

Audit areas – During the Technical Audit We Review the Following:

  • Magento Configuration review / Indexing / Caching;
  • Overall Code review / Core Code Changes / Log Files / Custom module structure compliance to Magento standards;
  • JS code review;
  • CSS code review;
  • Used extensions review / reliability / structure compliance;
  • Cross browser testing;
  • Overall Performance review / minification / merging / loading of product collection;
  • Security review / Magento Security Patches;
  • Server side configuration review / file permissions / cron jobs;
  • SEO;
  • Conclusions;
  • Recommendations;
  • Appendix of Explanation and details.

Why choose us to audit your site?

Scandiweb is Magento’s official Partner, being the most certified Magento Agency in Europe and the US holding more than 150+ Magento certifications.



The audit is carefully conducted by senior certified Magento developers with more than 3 years experience with Magento sites of all sizes and industries around the globe. All of the work is done by our employees from our offices.

About the process

In order to kick-off the audit, we will require SSH access to your server, Magento back-end, Git/repo access and also Google Analytics, in case we need to analyze the impact of issues.

We begin working on the research phase of the audit once this access has been granted and we have an initial discovery conference call discussing the issues you’re currently facing and also what you’d like to get out of the audit.

We usually deliver the audit within 2-3 weeks. Once we deliver the audit, we then have a conference call to discuss the findings and answer any questions you have around the areas covered. The audit also includes with a list of all of the issues raised and the complexity of the efforts required to fix them.

Got questions? Wondering if you need an audit? Get in touch with us at [email protected] or in the contact form below and let’s talk!

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