How To Create Great Explainer Videos: ViewStart + Magento

If you want others to understand and support your vision – it is important to convey your idea in a clear and appealing manner. And to accomplish that nothing really gives as many possibilities as motion videos. Today we’ll explore how we created a concise and appealing video explainer about ViewStart and Magento!

ViewStart – the first platform that allows you to sell products within videos.
Our goal was to make nice motion video that clearly explain the idea of this project.

Here is small video explanation about the whole idea and project itself.

Step 1 – Sketch Out Your Explainer Video Concept

So, we started to sketch. Even Leonardo Da Vinci had to sketch out his inventions before he started to build them. No matter how smart you are, It’s impossible to go from a simple idea in your head to immediately building it out without hashing out the details in between.

Step 2 – Choosing The Best Colour Schemes for The Explainer Video

Next step is style and colour scheme selection.

These colours were not chosen randomly and they are not our favorite ones:)
We have chosen them because of what they say about the brands that we want to represent in this video.

Step 3 – Prepare Your Explainer Video Storyboard

Proceed to the next stage — storyboard illustration. When we are making a video for some competition, a sales video, a training video, or any kind online video, planning is extremely important. One of the most important stages of planning out our video is creating a storyboard.

When we realized that frames are made, all drawn and idea is clear, we began to animate content.

Step 4 – Give Life To The Video With Motion Graphics

Nothing breathes life into static content better than the use of motion graphics. It focuses less on emotions and characters, but is stronger on small details that you may not even see in real life.

Using various fonts, colour combinations, and different illustration styles equals lots of possibilities.That’s why motion graphics is the perfect animation design for startup companies that are looking for an engaging explainer video for their relatively new products or services.

Additionally, the endless possibilities with motion graphics are suitable for explaining complex products or the flow of the services you’re offering. So, it can even show your audience something they can’t see on understand in real life.Thats way our video includes not only explanations how it works, but also characters and images that help to better perceive the idea of the product.

Time for the final result:

Let us help you:

Looking for the perfect explainer video for your brand? Maybe a custom design solution? Scandiweb’s expert team of designers and animators are your answer! Shoot us a message to [email protected] or check out our design services page.

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