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PPC Case Study: The Wool Company Secures Revenue and Drives Conversions by 52%

I am very pleased to say that month on month, our adverts have gone from strength to strength. Our spend is down, whilst our results are far, far better. Whilst this was very impressive and exceeded our expectations, it is not just the results Berkay has achieved on our adverts, but his highly unusual commitment to our business.

I have never come across this proactive approach before from any company who has worked for us. He is also lovely to work with, even giving us updates on the health of his cacti family!

I cannot recommend Scandiweb highly enough.

Sarah Mayman
Director, The Wool Company


The Wool Company is a family-owned business based in Cornwall, UK. Their trade and passion is to supply the finest natural fibre products: clothes and home accessories made of Merino wool, cashmere, and sheepskin. 

Initially, The Wool Company reached out to Scandiweb looking for assistance with Magento development for their eCommerce store. At a later stage, the partnership has evolved to include a strong focus on paid advertising services. 

Previously, they had explored the options of setting up their own campaigns, as well as employing external agencies – all without much success.



  • With low ROAS and high CPC, the PPC strategy at the time was ineffective in competing against bigger brands. 
  • Disruptions in product delivery. Due to the COVID-related limitations, several best-selling products were being delivered with a significant delay. Some supply chains halted completely, leading to product unavailability.
  • Decreased sales as another negative consequence of the anti-COVID measures. This effect can be seen in the example of pashminas – a garment traditionally worn at weddings. With fewer weddings due to restrictions, the sales of pashminas have plummeted as well.

Objectives and expectations

The main expected outcome of the project was setting up a number of carefully researched campaigns to drive revenue increase with an improved ROAS

In PPC terms, this could be broken down into:

  • Increasing conversion rate, CTR, ROAS, and revenue
  • Decreasing bounce rate and cost per conversion.

Thus, our top objectives included the following:

  • In-depth market research
  • Understanding of the business
  • Understanding of the target audience
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Correct campaign setup
  • Proper campaign management

Our approach

In close communication with the client, we devised an approach based on:

  • Understanding their business model, goals, and needs 
  • Developing both short-term and long-term strategy 
  • Looking for growth opportunities and aligning the campaigns with these findings
  • Regular revision & analysis of the account and campaign performance
  • Coordinating our efforts in a way to facilitate increased ROAS and revenue.

We focused on Search and Shopping campaigns as the main areas of improvement

The main KPIs to keep track of were:

  • ROAS 
  • Conversion rate 
  • Revenue 
  • CTR 
  • Conversions.

Based on these criteria, our team has worked towards turning The Wool Company’s account into an efficient and profitable paid media channel, using Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.


Within the first 6 months after launching the project, the most notable YOY improvements included:

  • Clicks: +11.95%
  • CTR: +65.11%
  • Cost: -26.24%
  • Avg. CPC: -34.11%
  • Cost / conv.: -51.52%
  • Conversions: +52.17%
  • Conversion rate: +35.94%
  • Conversion value: +34.30%
  • ROAS: +82.07%

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