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Scandiweb: available in The Netherlands

Scandiweb is a full stack vertically integrated service provider with the largest Magento development team in Europe and US. Since 2003, Scandiweb enables digital strategy for startups and established brands such as New York Times, Thomson Reuters and 400 other customers across 35 countries.

For Scandiweb, full stack is not just a buzzword. With in-house support, design and digital marketing departments, Scandiweb has the arsenal to take a project from its inception to go-live and beyond and do so efficiently thanks to an interdepartmental workflow polished over a decade and a half. From development (Magento/ERP/CRM/APPs etc.) to video production, digital marketing and Conversion Rate Optimisation (user behaviour analysis, heat maps, analytics, eye tracking and brainwave scanner, A/B tests), Scandiweb’s broad toolset is now at your disposal.

Scandiweb is excited to bring this global experience to the Netherlands, where we have had the pleasure to work with such clients as AfterPay, ARP, iLookz,, HUB Footwear and more.

Working with Scandiweb is a pleasure, their dedicated team makes working in an Agile way really quick, lean, and simple. They think, discuss, and most importantly do what was discussed. We ended up not quite getting all our wanted features in the first release, but the features that were released worked as agreed. More than happy to recommend them!

Han Verhallen, Consultant Business Solutions, AfterPay

Attracted by the flourishing eCommerce environment, global perspective and positive attitude of the Netherlands, Scandiweb aims to solidify our presence in Western Europe and bring our solutions directly to you. What’s more, the Netherlands is where Scandiweb’s Magento journey truly kicked-off, so we’re going back to our roots!

Our company has taken many merchants from being local players to global leaders.

Dutch companies are increasingly expanding worldwide, thus there has been a tremendous pull for Scandiweb’s competence in this direction.

We have been working in the Netherlands for more than 6 years and now plan to bring full stack globalization and internationalization eCommerce services with the help of Lianne.

The decision to be local is based on the continuous successful cooperation between Scandiweb and big brands, as well as aspiring start-ups in the region.

Antons Sapriko, CEO, Scandiweb

We invite you to reach out to our new Regional Manager, thus taking the first step toward creating a strong, rewarding, and mutually beneficial relationship and helping your eCommerce store get and stay ahead of the curve.

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