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Ways to Leverage Scarcity in Your Next eCommerce Campaign

According to, scarcity is a psychological trigger that gives a person a little push to execute a particular action (like completing a purchase).

Scarcity marketing generates a sense of urgency in the user by letting them know they stand little chance of getting the product or service they want if they don’t hurry—because it’s about to run out, stock is limited, etc.

So why does this strategy work so well?

Because at the psychological level, the scarcer something is, the more precious it seems.

Examples of scarcity marketing tactics

Here are some examples of scarcity marketing tactics that work:

1. Fill your customers in on the latest happenings.

You know? is a master at making scarcity work. They look like they are just informing their customers of what is happening on the site. But in a clever way, what they are actually doing is using scarcity in several different ways.

An example of how masterfully employs scarcity marketing

2. Throw a time bomb! (let me explain)

One of the meanest ways to use scarcity is actually adding a timer on the site and showing customers how much time they have left to get a product at a certain price. It creates such urgency!

An example of how adding a timer on the page creates a sense of urgency

3. Whip up a good copy. You can do it.

Scarcity can also be used simply as part of a copy. Look at how Bose neatly plays with words to get customers to sign up for their newsletter.

An example of how scarcity marketing is skillfully applied in a page copy

4. Send friendly reminders. is a master of using scarcity, especially when it comes to sending push notifications to customers. Remind them of the good stuff!

An example of how mobile notifications can be leveraged in scarcity marketing

5. You don’t want to miss this chance! (You’re supposed to be yelling, yes.)

Last but not least, scarcity can also be used for things other than selling or directly promoting something. Like how the dating site Bumble uses scarcity to get their customers to interact with the app and increase engagement.

An example of how emphasizing that time is running out works

And there you have some very good examples of effective scarcity marketing tactics that you can use as inspiration for your next eCommerce campaign. We hope you put all these in the bag before time runs out!

(You see what I did there? Wink, wink.)

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