Swish Payments for Magento: new extension launched

Today we are introducing a brand-new Magento 2 extension for Swish payment gateway: Swish Payments

The extension is good news for the adopters of both platforms, allowing to merge the ubiquitous Magento eCommerce and the forward-thinking Swish approach to cashless payments.

About Swish

With its curious take on mobile payments, Swish may come across as futuristic in some regions, yet it is a mainstay in its homeland – Sweden. 

What is Swish?

Swish is a mobile payment solution enabling real-time account-to-account payments. It started in 2012 as a cooperative project between six major Swedish banks and has seen significant growth since then. Today Swish is truly a national phenomenon – an ecosystem connecting 12 Swedish banks, and providing the service to the entire Swedish market – both private users and companies.

What makes Swish special?

The service allows instant payments between two parties using a mobile app connected to the user’s bank account and tied to Swedish BankID Authentication. Swish identifies its registered users by phone number or QR code, allowing them to complete transactions without exchanging CC details or other sensitive data.

Thanks to easy, secure, and fast payments between individuals and businesses, the service is a natural element of everyday life for over 7,4 million Swedes and 215 000 companies. Above that, since the introduction of Swish for eCommerce in 2017, it has been reported as the top preferred payment method online among users aged 18-44. 

About the extension

Swish Payments, developed by Scandiweb, is an official extension allowing the integration of Magento-based eCommerce with Swish infrastructure. Merging the two platforms enables Magento 2 merchants to reach the entire Swish user base, and accommodate customers with the native Swish payment flow.

Who is it for?

The extension is meant as a go-to tool for Magento 2 merchants looking to sell using the Swish payment service.


To use the extension, a Magento 2 merchant must be a Swish customer and needs to sign the agreement “Swish for Merchants” with one of the participating Swedish banks.

How does it work?

Swish Payments extends standard Magento payment methods to include the “Pay with Swish” option and enable the native Swish payment flow. 

During the checkout, Magento prompts the customer to identify themselves by either a phone number or a QR code and passes this information along with key order details to the Swish server via API integration. 

Importantly, Swish uses its own dedicated servers to both store customer accounts and process transactions. Thus, no CC details or other sensitive data is exchanged, and no redirects to external pages take place at any point during the transaction.


  • Seamless integration of any Magento 2 store into the Swish ecosystem
  • Real-time payments and refunds
  • Secure and reliable operation
  • No changes to the customer experience for Swish users
  • Default Swish payment methods apply:
    • In-app
    • In-browser
    • Via QR code
  • Full API integration 
  • No redirects at any point during the transaction
  • Compatibility: 
    • Magento Open Source (CE) 2.X
    • All modern web browsers.

Final words

The high popularity of Swish across all market niches in Sweden and the abundant use of Magento worldwide make up for a combo with a great potential for future growth, allowing both customers and businesses to explore new facets of eCommerce.

Swish Payments is a free extension, and you can learn more about it by visiting the official Magento marketplace page. Additionally, you can visit the official Swish website to find more information about the service, integration guides, and the latest news.

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