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What is the “Fulfilled by TikTok” Service in the UK?

“Fulfilled by TikTok,” a new fulfillment service for TikTok Shop merchants, just got launched in the UK. The service streamlines the logistics for UK merchants on TikTok Shop by handling storage, picking, packing, and shipping—allowing them to focus on marketing, content, and product development.

What is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is a fusion of eCommerce and the TikTok platform, allowing sellers, brands, and creators to promote and sell their products directly via TikTok LIVEs, videos, and a dedicated product tab. It provides businesses with a seamless way to integrate their offerings into the TikTok user experience.

Here’s your definitive guide on how to start selling on TikTok Shop.

What is Fulfilled by TikTok Shop UK?

“Fulfilled by TikTok Shop” (FBT) is a comprehensive service that handles the entire fulfillment process for sellers on TikTok Shop.

From storing to shipping, FBT ensures products reach customers swiftly and reliably. With features like Express Shipping seven days a week and next-day delivery for orders placed before the cutoff time, customers have multiple convenient delivery options. 

Additionally, FBT offers competitive perks like 30 days of free storage for new shipments and waiving the first item pick fee. FBT also supports sellers with varied packing choices and aids in logistics-related customer service queries, truly enhancing the TikTok Shop selling experience.

Where do merchants store their products for FBT?

Merchants enrolled in FBT can allocate a portion of their inventory to be stored in a designated warehouse. It’s not mandatory for merchants to store all their SKUs or use FBT for every product; they have the flexibility to choose specific items for storage and shipment via FBT.

How does order fulfillment work with FBT?

Once a product is housed in the FBT warehouse, the process is streamlined: upon receiving an order, the warehouse team picks, packs, labels, and dispatches the merchandise—offering a unified, hassle-free service.

The service provides automated fulfillment for all orders placed by 7pm from Monday to Saturday, ensuring same-day processing, and guarantees next business day delivery. Enhanced customer feedback and ratings are also facilitated through its instant messaging feature and dedicated customer service team.

Who can register for FBT?

To qualify for FBT, merchants must operate within the UK, catering to UK deliveries. Additionally, each shipment should not surpass a weight of 30kg or a cubic volume of 31.5 cubic liters.

What fees are associated with FBT?

TikTok Shop imposes charges for various services, including warehousing, shipping, and additional offerings like labeling, pre-packing, and leaflet insertion. 

Fulfillment fee

A table summarizing Fulfillment by TikTok rates

Once an order is delivered to the buyer, the fulfillment fee will be billed to the seller’s account based on the actual weight of the shipment.

Sellers will receive a £0.6 (inclusive of tax) rebate per order via the Seller Center under “Shipping fee rebate” (Seller Center > Finance > Statements). To qualify for this rebate, the order must be marked as “complete” and should not have any return or refund requests due to the merchant’s fault. If a return is initiated because of a consumer’s reason, the order still qualifies for the subsidy.

Warehousing fee

A table summarizing Fulfillment by TikTok warehousing rates
UoM = unit of measure; CBM = cubic meter

The minimum volume charge is set at 0.001 cubic meters (CBM). Every day, at precisely 23:59:59, storage fees are calculated based on the total volume of all items in the inventory, encompassing both saleable and defective products. Additionally, when new stock arrives, if it’s stored for less than 30 days, there are no storage fees charged by the warehouse.

Value-added services

A range of specialized services designed to enhance merchants’ logistics and fulfillment processes are also offered. These services aim to provide additional convenience, efficiency, and customization for merchants.

Now available

  • Offloading: Standard offloading services
    • For 20′ Containers
    • For 40′ Containers
  • Return to merchant: Handling bulky shipments that are outbound without a sales order, inclusive of pick, pack, and loading processes
  • Pre-packing options:
    • Using platform-provided bubble mailers
    • Using the merchant’s own packaging materials
  • Kitting: Assembling multiple specified SKUs into a single new SKU

Coming soon

  • Labeling: Affixing SKU labels to products (label supplies included)
  • Inserting leaflets: Incorporating leaflets into shipments (leaflet supplies not included)
  • Outbound management: Overseeing product expiry dates
  • Return shipment inbound: Receiving returned goods, inspecting them, and restocking them as either saleable items or defective products.
  • Photography service: Capturing images of returned parcels, especially when the contents differ from the system’s records or are damaged

A comprehensive rate card and a detailed list of these value-added services are accessible in the seller center.

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