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Wristwatch Industry Analysis: Latest Market Insights and Trends

The Wristwatch industry, including smartwatches, is currently valued at USD 92.8bn and is expected to reach a whopping USD 124.4bn by 2027. Here’s what watch brands need to look out for.

Market trends and factors

Sustainability continues to be a key topic; alternatives to animal leather straps are repurposed plastics from the ocean, recycled steel, and even titanium. The watch business is one of the industries that has been reluctant to adapt. Given that Swiss watches are created to be passed down through the generations, they scarcely qualify as disposable products.

Consumers are placing more and more pressure on businesses to increase their efforts in terms of sustainable development and supply, and traceability may help brands win over their trust. Blockchain can undoubtedly be useful in this. 

“Swiss-made” label can no longer be used by just any company—as per the new legislation. 60% of all costs have to be local in Switzerland, which is why mid- and low-budget companies have seen a hit in sales figures since they can not fully produce in Switzerland.

Exploring possibilities in eCommerce and metaverse, establishing a strong social media presence, exploring the 3D configurator market, as well as investing in its R&D, and implementing immersive experiences like watch configurators can significantly increase conversions.

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In this research, you will learn more about

  • Wristwatch industry size and growth rate of the global
  • Key trends shaping the industry
  • The current state of the Wristwatch market in the US
  • Key players in the industry
  • Main eCommerce trends within the industry
  • Threats and opportunities in the Wristwatch industry

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