Customers about strengths of scandiweb

Business focus

scandiweb seems to love technology, yet they always define business goals first and take our organizational needs as the key input before talking about any digital solution. As a customer, we benefited from their methodology for the discovery and definition of business needs. They involved our key stakeholders and worked on decomposing our big goals further into smaller ones and eventually figuring out technology to enable them.

scandiweb listens to us as a customer and also proactively suggests business opportunities ideating together with us when building the strategic roadmap. With them, we planned and executed going into new markets, adding new product lines, making our shipping global and fast, improving order management and customer service, as well as engaging customers within territories in Augmented Reality and Metaverse.

Full stack of in-house commerce competences

We love that scandiweb can cover any of our questions in any aspect related to commerce—be it design or customer experience, traffic acquisition, marketing automation, data and analytics, B2C, B2B, or any deep integration questions involving middleware and our legacy ERP systems. It felt like too much and know-it-all, but we saw that behind each service there is a leader and a large experienced team or department to support the delivery of the service.

Multi-service delivery platform—Mosaic methodology

They call it Mosaic and are very proud about it, but what we see is that before we had 4 external agencies separately doing development, QA, SEO, and data and analytics, and now we have moved it all to scandiweb and avoided so much pain and headache of aligning different companies together and getting rid of finger-pointing.

It feels like we spend three times less time on management, get three times more, while paying possibly half of what the previous agencies were charging us. It really works this way—we set the goal, e.g., growth in traffic or conversion rates, and then scandiweb arranges their team to do what is necessary on technology or other level to reach the agreed goal.

Focus & specialization

Before scandiweb, we had a provider doing custom development, startups just like anything and also Magento and Drupal. They had strong developers, but we felt that they are not really following eCommerce trends and do not speak in our merchant language, are not aware of the whole picture of our business and also could not consult or provide services regarding design, CX, traffic and growth possibilities.

We like that scandiweb focuses only on eCommerce and specializes in Adobe service stack while being able to do some custom things around it. They know what to do if we need, e.g., custom-price middleware to load our 50,000,000 of price books individual for each customer in milliseconds.

Flexible & Agile in custom missions

“When we needed to migrate from commercetools to Shopify, it was done in 6 weeks”, “Our BigCommerce project with scandiweb was a success”, “scandiweb helped us to ideate and deliver micro-service platform for automotive retail” “our no-code Webflow project was delivered without developer by scandiweb creative and design team in less than a month!”, “Roblox world you created for our brand was visited by more than 50,000 teenagers in less than a month - unbelievable!”

“When we needed to migrate from commercetools to Shopify, it was done in 6 weeks”

“Our BigCommerce project with scandiweb was a success”

“Scandiweb helped us to ideate and deliver a microservice platform for automotive retail”

“Our no-code Webflow project was delivered without developers by scandiweb creative and design team in less than a month!”

“Roblox world you created for our brand was visited by more than 50,000 teenagers in less than a month. Unbelievable!”

Innovators and community-contributors

We found scandiweb through their contribution to open-source. We first found their React-based storefront for Adobe Magento called ScandiPWA and then we decided to work with them. And we were following scandiweb for their eBooks and webinars on SEO, PIM, OMS systems, and modern headless development for several years before we decided to upgrade to Adobe Magento 2 and set up headless PWA frontend with them.

Diverse team of global talent

We know that scandiweb is headquartered in Latvia, where majority of their team resides, yet on our project we meet people from Brazil, Poland, Estonia, France and Egypt—truly motivated and talented people.

We like that scandiweb has online-first culture. When we meet in person, it's mostly to celebrate and hold strategy planning sessions, while daily operations happen very smoothly online. That fits with our company online workspace culture very well.

Resilient and growing since 2003

We have been working with scandiweb since 2010. We like that they are continuously growing and expanding, they have energy, ambition, and vision. They are like us—we also have grown a lot since we started working with them. It feels good to co-operate with very alive people and have this down-to-earth feeling throughout their company, as well as their readiness for the next challenge.

Great retention rates and NPS scores set high standard

The NPS scores and retention rates they have published on their site set high standard for the service, I like that. I know that they know that I expect only the best from them and, generally, I am always getting it.

We are their customer since 2011. During this time, we have migrated from proprietary platform to Magento 1, then migrated to Magento 2 and done responsive design, further moved to Adobe Commerce Cloud and set up PWA storefront with them, and have also used their SEO, PPC, and design services. What a journey with a company in Latvia, while we are from the US!

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