Behavior-based Onboarding Email Flow

Conversion rate optimization doesn’t stop at the website. After gathering insights on onboarding friction points and further optimization opportunities for our client, we proposed improving the onboarding email flow.


Their email onboarding plan currently consists of three campaigns:

1) Users that completed the Get started form

2) Users that didn’t complete the Get started form

3) The founder follow-up

The content in the current emails is presented using a general tone for introduction, as well as the follow-ups. Email triggers are set based on time. 

As per best practices, this conversion channel seems under-utilized, with current campaigns lasting from 1 to 5 emails only, and missing personalization.


Since the user is more interested in how the product can help him, we suggest increasing the email amount by adding personalized and behavior-based campaigns.

You can gather content for those by analyzing:

  • Form results
  • Dashboard interaction

Or send out email campaigns related to:

  • Detailed instructions on how to use specific products
  • Free trial ending/add billing reminders
  • Content, based on 1 of 3 user types or company

Another suggestion is to use user behavior as a trigger for messaging, instead of time. For example, the user can’t complete testing or provide information when looking for a specific product.

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