Digital UX & Design in Real Life: Scandiweb meets Coca-Cola

Even well established brands can use a fresh perspective from the outside. That was the case with Coca-Cola! Let’s explore how we came up with an innovative digital concept to enrich the real-life user experience of having a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Our task was to develop a digital and technology-based solution which can be integrated around the glass bottles served in hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs all over Europe, and which — in one way or the other — enriches the experience of having an ice-cold Coke.

How can a bottle of Coca Cola be connected with a digital and technology-based solution?

If each bottle will have a unique ID, we could track where it was and get to know more people around the world!
That idea can work!

Let’s do some research and create mood boards. Mood boards can be a great way to convey a design idea, win pitches and get an early sign-off.

To save time, we are trying to formulate the idea and draw the first shots.

After the frames have been approved, we prepare the first seconds of the video.

UX & Design – Trial and Error

Now we understand that our colours are not suitable for the general concept of Coke. It just does not fit. We redraw the storyboard, select a different colour, animation style and fonts.
Okey, let’s start again.

While changing the overall style, choose a colour scheme that is associated with the Cola.
We choose the strict and minimalist style.
Our task is to convey an image and an idea without complex illustrations.
Now it is the time to do animation.

Each scene is worked out to the smallest detail, every transition must be concise and clear.
Finally we like it.

UX Takeaways

To polish the video even more, we complemented it with real footage from Coca-Cola commercials. Mixing these two styles improves the perception of the general idea. And of course, what’s good in adding real footage is that it portrays real events and is acted out by real people on camera, thus making your audience feel as if the script in your explainer video is likely to happen in their lives.

With your audience having that in mind, the odds of them feeling the need to use your product/service are greater.

Now we finish all the scenes, impose sound effects, and our video is ready.
Enjoy it.

Let us help you:

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