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PPC Case Study: Targeted Campaign Strategy Leads to 260% Revenue Increase YOY


Hairy Baby is a quintessentially Irish brand selling clothes and accessories with local sayings as part of the design. The brand speaks to a very specific audience in terms of location, generation, and even sense of humor. 

After switching from a local Irish agency to manage PPC in-house, Hairy Baby noticed the results dropping and reached out to scandiweb. 

Objectives and expectations

We started managing the account a few weeks before the high seasonality. However, the main challenge was thoroughly understanding the business and being able to create the ideal user personas for the specific brand that is Hairy Baby.

Our main objectives for the project included the following:

  • Understand the business and the specifics of the brand
  • Take over the management of their Google Ads and Meta Ads accounts
  • In-depth keyword and competitor research to uncover new opportunities
  • Understanding and targeting relevant audience
  • Efficient and active account management
  • Regular revision & analysis of the account and campaign performance

The main KPIs to keep track of were:

  • CTR
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost / conv.
  • Quality score
  • Ad rank
  • ROAS
  • Revenue

Based on these criteria, a dedicated PPC Strategist worked towards turning the Hairy Baby account into a profitable paid media channel using Google Ads and Meta Ads.

Our approach

By focusing on the right audience and testing several creatives and content, we managed to quickly understand our audience and maintain an Irish tone of voice in the launched ads.

We performed in-depth keyword and competitor research and discovered a lot of opportunities that were missed prior. scandiweb’s PPC team was able to bring results from search campaigns for Hairy Baby for the first time. 

Nevertheless, we took our research efforts further. To fully grasp the language we need to use when addressing our audience, we checked out the Irish puppet duo Zig and Zag and watched a lot of episodes of Father Ted, a sitcom Hairy Baby often references in their products. 

After a few weeks, we were able to deliver outstanding results and increase the engagement for ads, ensuring our main goal of increasing ROAS and conversions is achieved. It has been a very unusual and challenging project, but the hard work is paying off.


As a result of our proactive approach, Hairy Baby saw great results on their paid media account. We achieved a 500% increase in revenue during high seasonalities (November-December) and significantly improved their Google Ads and Meta Ads performance compared to last year.

The most notable overall KPI improvements YOY included:

  • Conversion rate: +38%
  • ROAS: +50%
  • Revenue: +260% for all paid media channels

Are you looking for ways to better manage your PPC campaigns? Need a dedicated strategist to understand your brand to optimize your conversions and drive sales? Let us help you! Feel free to browse our PPC services and get in touch by dropping a line at [email protected] or booking a free consultation.

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