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Scandiweb Team Stories #12

Episode 12: Meet the Financial Department

Nobody is greeted more lovingly that the members of the financial department — they pay out the salaries! These 5 people are the oil in the Scandiweb machine — they make sure everything behind the scenes happens smoothly and optimally.

“Don’t be afraid to do what your heart desires”

Andrejs Nesterenko

As a child, Andrejs was plagued by questions such as “Why do some people have more money than others?” and “Why do most people never have enough money?” Now, he’s Scandiweb’s CFO responsible for everything that could be called finance management and internal process optimization. With abundant experience both as an internal and external auditor, Andrejs developed both the ability to look at things from a global perspective, as well as not to miss details — he cites this as his most valuable skill for being great at what he does! What exactly does he do? Everything — coming up with and implementing ideas for increasing the profit margin, client billing rates, optimizing time/money flow — reducing unnecessary expenses, hunting down clients who do not pay on time, and more!

Andrejs jogs to unwind — describing it as a great way to reflect on the day and get organized! In light of his passion for running, his team gifted him a seasonal subscription to EVERY SINGLE half-a-marathon taking place in Latvia! He has completed 3 thus far and is preparing for 2 more this season!

For Andrejs, Scandiweb is very dynamic, challenging and therefore, exciting! Constant new projects require not only managing but also learning about them, not only from devs, but from the Financial dept. as well — i.e. blockchain & cryptocurrencies!

“Make that choice you’re about to make!”

Ance Gaigale

When she was a young girl, Ance had an imaginary friend and his name was Pushkin. Now, she’s the administrator and is one of the longest standing members of the Scandiweb team! Responsible for salaries and other vital and fundamental administrative tasks, Ance is a walking Scandiweb encyclopedia — she knows everything that was, everything that is and everything that will be. This deep familiarity with Scandiweb’s history and its personnel help alleviate the difficulties encountered in her day to day tasks and make her a fountain of knowledge for anybody looking for some information!

Latvian Folk dancing is Ance’s passion and has been for many years, 12 of which she has danced with the “Bikstenieki” collective! When not at work or at a dance recital, Ance is at home taking loving care of her family — a specialty of hers, as anyone that’s ever met or worked with her would tell you!

Ance sees Scandiweb as her second family. She knows everyone. She loves her job. She couldn’t imagine working anywhere else! And neither can we!

“Believe in yourself and take on more responsibilities!”

Anastasija Vrublevska

Anastasija used to believe that “playing the stock market” actually meant that people go to the stock market and play there like at a playground. Now she’s a senior accountant, responsible for managing Scandiweb’s accounts and preparing all the necessary reports for the CEO and the State Revenue Service. Patience, responsibility and a passion for accounting are what make Anastasija the perfect fit for her position! She possesses these characteristics naturally, however, she has polished them through her MA in Business Administration and having worked as a junior accountant for 4 years, before coming to Scandiweb 3 years ago!

Anastasija’s free time is taken up by books — classic & modern novels, traveling & board games. Indeed, boardgames are her strong suit and she is an expert at Alias and other similar quiz-type games, yet she won’t refuse a good RPG, Munchkin being a favorite. Anastasija takes pride in having overcome her fear of heights and, of course, in being a great mom!

Flexibility in terms of work time is a valuable asset, especially for somebody who has to take care of a young child. Anastasija also appreciates her colleagues — at Scandiweb people treat each other as friends.

“Capital isn’t this pile of money sitting somewhere; it’s an accounting construct.”

Zanda Tabina

When Zanda was very young, she used to believe that you can buy the whole of Latvia for 2 million Lats. Now she’s an accountant here at Scandiweb, making sure that salaries, invoices, agreements, etc. are in order and on time! With numerous certificates in accounting, considerable practical and academic experience in various management and organizational roles, countless conferences, and seminars, and a law degree in the works, Zanda has all the soft and hard skills necessary to manage the books! In terms of daily tasks — pedantic accuracy is what helps Zanda shine in her position!

When not at work, you’ll find Zanda reading books, cycling, knitting. Zanda enjoys attending various cultural events — theatre, museums, art exhibitions and she is likely to be in an entourage of close friends. A warm and supportive person, Zanda is a great friend that you can count on!

Zanda highlights the feeling that employees are in the first place in Scandiweb’s list of priorities, as one of her favorite aspects of working here.

“Travel more!”

Jana Pitcenko

Born and raised in Riga, Jana is an accountant here at Scandiweb. With a BA in economics and plentiful work experience, Jana was personally recruited to become part of the team! An adaptable, quick-learning and very precise person, Jana puts things in order, while making sure everything takes place in accordance with internal rules and external laws. Fulfilling her duties with pedantic care and strenuous punctuality, Jana keeps the company ticking efficiently!

When not at work, Jana is either doing something active or spending time with her daughter, oftentimes combining the two! An imaginative person that loves organizing entertaining events, Jana always finds interesting and unusual ways to spend time with kids! She’s also not one to sit on her hands — always on the look-out for new experiences and challenges, Jana will try anything from an exotic new dish to a knee-weakening bungee-jump!

For Jana, the freedom at Scandiweb stands out, especially among other companies. There’s a lot of trust put in you, which lets you do things your way and makes spacious room for personal development.

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