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Scandiweb Team Stories #25

Episode 25: 5 Edgars, 5 developers

Hello at another Team stories episode, where we’ll introduce you to five more teammates from our growing work-family. This episode’s heroes are not only doing daily developer tasks at Scandiweb, but all of them also happen to go by the name of Edgars.

Here’s more about them:

“Go and learn IT, it’s your thing!”

Edgars Suveizda

Edgars was born and raised in Aglona and used to believe that movies and TV shows only started the filming AFTER they began promoting them. Now he’s a developer and executor of Scandiweb’s internal tasks. Edgars’ days consist of fixing various issues and implementing features on Scandiweb’s channels and platforms. Being persistent by nature, this quality translates well into the work environment — making mistakes is not uncommon, but what helps Edgars constantly progress is the ability and desire to not give up, learn from them and continuously improve.

Music has a special place in Edgars’ heart, with Rock being the favorite genre. His free time is taken up with books and all sorts of activities, including programming. Indeed, interested in the digital environment to the point it could be characterized as a hobby, Edgars is happy that his hobby and work overlap, making the path to developing his abilities into a highway.

Edgars characterizes Scandiweb very positively, highlighting his great colleagues and the friendly atmosphere as the best things about it!

“Learn to code now, not 10 years later…”

Edgars Liseks

Edgars was born and raised in Riga. From what he recalls, he’s always been a quick learner of any topic and skill. This ability has allowed him to become a self-taught web page developer and join the strong and capable Scandiweb developers’ team.

Edgars has always enjoyed to disassemble things and then put them together. In his time off from work, he’s often busy with electronics soldering and repairing. He also mentions ‘making dumb mistakes’ as one of his ways to spend time. That’s the best way to learn, improve oneself and take steps closer to big life achievements.

Since Edgars has joined the Scandiwebian crew, the most valued part about working here for him is the supportive teammates. As he puts it himself: “Coworkers are the best.”

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it”

Edgars Joja

Edgars grew up in Saldus and was a clever kid wondering about stuff like decimals. For example, he used to think that decimal numbers could have multiple decimal points. He later became a developer and now is also a Team lead at Scandiweb. Edgar’s workday primarily consists of programming on the Magento platform with some custom functionality bits here and there. Aside from programming, Edgars considers planning ahead as one of the most important skills he has developed while working here. He believes every person has to be willing to pause, see the big picture and think where their path will lead them to, not just blindly follow some to-do list.

Passionate about coding (of course), Edgars at almost all times has some small personal project in the sidelines where he’s trying out new technology or an interesting concept. He also enjoys an occasional video game with a good story, and every now and then gets an urge to play chess. For the past year, Edgars has been hooked on bouldering and has also started to participate in local competitions.

Edgars joined Scandiweb with encouragement from a few of his friends that already worked here, and has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere among all of the other colleagues as well ever since.

“Don’t be lazy and learn new things”

Edgars Kuzmanis

As a kid from the city, born and raised in Riga, Edgars believed that gas stations had pipes connecting them to underground oil pumps. He’s now a full-stack developer at Scandiweb, mostly working with frontend PWA. By being open-minded and eager to learn new skills, Edgars isn’t afraid to undertake and help with any new projects.

In his free time, Edgars goes adventure hunting. Be it driving on country back roads, riding a mountain bike, going to the gym, exploring new places, e.g., various abandoned soviet buildings, he loves to be on the move. When slowed-down, Edgars relaxes by playing computer games or watching tv-shows, naming Euphoria, Chernobyl, Stranger things amongst his favorites.

Working at Scandiweb allows Edgars to be in the midst of the web development sphere where he’s always wanted to be. He values the overall atmosphere and friendliness which is present each time when stepping into the office.

“Open your old code and solve the riddle of how everything worked before”

Edgars Polovkovs

Edgars recalls a situation from his childhood in Jekabpils. He was going to a lake with his parents, but the plans changed and they stayed at home. Edgars got so upset he went for a walk, only for his mother to find him swimming in a puddle by their house. Now he’s a junior developer and part of Scandiweb’s Support superheroes, finding and solving invisible website bugs and taking good care of our clients daily.

At the moment, Edgars is determined to master magento as much as possible. He also describes himself as a regular man — living for today.

Scandiweb as a company, allows Edgars to not only challenge himself but be amongst all-around good people.

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