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Tailored Magento Development: Success Stories from the Beauty Industry

In the competitive beauty and cosmetics sector, a seamless online experience is essential for attracting and retaining customers. 

Our projects with Beauty Works, Slow Cosmétique, and Zohoor showcase how our targeted Magento development, including ScandiPWA implementations and strategic migrations, directly addresses these industry needs.

This collection of case studies unfolds our approach and the tangible business growth our clients achieved, showcasing the importance of precision in eCommerce solutions.

The challenge

From ensuring an engaging user experience to managing complex product inventories, businesses need to stay ahead in a market that values speed, aesthetics, and accuracy above all. Our clients, despite their strong brand identities and quality products, faced hurdles that hindered their potential for online growth.

  • The modern consumer expects lightning-fast load times and smooth navigation. Any delay can lead to lost sales and diminished brand perception.
  • A cluttered or unintuitive online store can hinder even the most interested buyers. The goal is to make finding and purchasing products as straightforward as possible.
  • Moving to a new platform or upgrading an existing one is fraught with risks, from data loss to downtime, affecting both sales and customer trust.

Each of these challenges required a nuanced understanding of both the technical and business aspects of eCommerce, demanding solutions that are as innovative as they are effective. Our approach was to tackle these issues head-on, using a mix of technology, creativity, and deep industry insight.

Our approach

Addressing the unique challenges of the beauty and cosmetics industry requires a comprehensive and flexible strategy. Our focus centered on leveraging Magento’s robust platform capabilities to deliver exceptional online experiences. Here’s how we tailored our solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

Tailored Magento development

Recognizing Magento’s flexibility, we customized its features to align with the specific requirements of each client. This included everything from the storefront’s look and feel to the backend processes that ensure operational efficiency.

Risk-mitigated migrations and upgrades

We approached migrations and platform upgrades with a meticulous plan that minimized downtime and data loss. By carefully strategizing each step, we ensured a smooth transition to more advanced systems, safeguarding both the customer experience and our clients’ reputations.

In every project, our priority was not just to solve the immediate problems but to set up our clients for long-term success. This meant not only addressing current eCommerce trends but also anticipating future needs, ensuring scalability, and providing the tools for ongoing optimization. Through close collaboration with our clients, we implemented solutions that often exceeded their expectations, demonstrating the power of a strategic, client-focused approach in the digital space.

Case Study 1: B2C and B2B solutions for Beauty Works

For Beauty Works, a leader in the hair extension market, the challenge was twofold: revamping the B2C eCommerce site to improve the customer shopping experience and enhancing the B2B portal to streamline the ordering process for salon partners.

Our objectives were clear: to increase efficiency, elevate the brand’s online presence, and ultimately, drive sales growth.

Project highlights

  • Website redesign focused on a mobile-first approach, considering the growing trend of mobile eCommerce, which resulted in a significant boost in mobile engagement and conversions
  • Cost-efficient development where the B2C store was duplicated to create a B2B portal that simplified the ordering process for salon partners 

For the B2C store, a comprehensive Magento development approach was undertaken, focusing on implementing ScandiPWA for a seamless and responsive user experience. Emphasizing a mobile-first strategy, the project aimed to optimize the eCommerce platform for mobile devices, recognizing the growing trend of mobile shopping. This redesign enhanced the visual and operational aspects of the Beauty Works website as well as ensured faster load times and a smoother navigation experience. The focus was set on boosting user engagement and sales conversions directly from mobile devices.

The B2B store project was tailored to meet the specific needs of business clients, focusing on enhancing the B2B eCommerce experience through Magento development. This included features like quick order forms, custom pricing, and a streamlined checkout process, making it easier for salons to do business with Beauty Works.

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Case Study 2: Enhancing eCommerce capabilities for Slow Cosmétique with Magento 2 and ScandiPWA

Slow Cosmétique, committed to promoting a more conscious approach to beauty, needed an eCommerce solution that could handle a robust marketplace and enhance user experience. Our goal was to create an engaging, efficient, and scalable online store using Magento 2 with the integration of ScandiPWA for a seamless frontend experience.

Project highlights

  • Migration of Slow Cosmétique marketplace from an older Magento platform to Magento 2, enhancing its capabilities with ScandiPWA
  • ScandiPWA implementation to provide a faster, more responsive user interface
  • Focus on SEO and mobile user experience, understanding that a substantial portion of users would access the site through mobile devices
  • All-green CWV and 92.31% increase in mobile conversion

The transition to Magento 2 was designed to streamline operations and enhance the user experience, with a focus on maintaining a strong, ethical brand identity through a robust eCommerce platform. This upgrade was critical to support the intricate features required by their marketplace, such as custom ERP, payment processing, and vendor management with Unirgy.

Implementing ScandiPWA significantly improved page load times and overall site performance, resulting in all-green Core Web Vitals (CWV). It also allowed for optimizing the mobile user journey, which was crucial for boosting mobile conversions. 

The new platform modernized Slow Cosmétique’s web presence and brought significant enhancements in user navigation and engagement, which contributed to an impressive 92.31% boost in mobile conversion rates.

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Case Study 3: Elevating the fragrance experience with Zohoor

Zohoor, renowned for its exquisite line of fragrances, aimed to enhance its online presence to better reflect the sophistication and quality of its products. The project was centered around a comprehensive redesign of Zohoor’s eCommerce site, focusing on an intuitive and visually appealing user experience that would attract and retain customers.

Project highlights

  • Data-driven redesign of the Zohoor eCommerce site
  • ScandiPWA integration to allow for greater scalability and customization
  • 12.5% boost in conversion rates and 24% increase in average page views per session

We undertook a full redesign of the Zohoor eCommerce site, focusing on creating a visually rich, user-friendly, and highly converting UX. High-resolution product images, elegant color schemes, and a simplified navigation structure were implemented to make it easy for customers to browse and purchase their favorite scents. This design approach was intended to mirror the luxurious nature of Zohoor’s products and elevate the overall shopping experience.

We integrated several custom features specifically tailored for Zohoor’s market, including scent discovery tools, a store locator supporting 29 stores across the Arabian Peninsula, and mobile-native social share capabilities on product detail pages. Enhancements like Apple Pay integration and special promotions via Amasty for ScandiPWA also contributed to a seamless and enriched customer interaction.

This project with Zohoor underscores the power of a thoughtfully designed eCommerce experience. By aligning the online store with the brand’s luxury image and leveraging Magento’s capabilities, we were able to drive significant business results, showcasing scandiweb’s ability to adapt and innovate in the face of evolving market demands.


Our projects with Beauty Works, Slow Cosmétique, and Zohoor demonstrate our commitment to elevating eCommerce platforms through expert Magento development, innovative ScandiPWA implementations, and strategic migrations. 

These case studies illustrate scandiweb’s ability to overcome significant industry challenges, enhance user experience, and drive substantial business growth through tailored, technology-driven solutions. By consistently focusing on customer needs and staying ahead of technological trends, we ensure that our clients meet their immediate goals while also preparing them for future opportunities.

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