Unified Commerce: Connecting All the Dots

It’s all about the customer at the very core. Competition over products and prices among eCommerce businesses is already a distant memory. What is going to win over today’s customer is the merchant’s ability to provide them with synchronized and personalized shopping experience across all channels and systems involved, making it as seamless as possible. 

A major shift in eCommerce and retail is underway, and the direction it’s moving towards is unified commerce, already leveraged by the leaders in eCommerce now and capable of fully satisfying this demand.

To illustrate, for 65% of customers, the ability to buy and ship anywhere is an important factor in choosing where to shop, according to enVista’s 2020 customer engagement survey, yet only 21% of retailers have successfully implemented a single commerce platform. That being said, the survey predicts 95% of retailers will have a single commerce platform implemented in three years’ time. You want to make sure to keep up.

Read this overview to get an understanding of the 3 base whys:

  • Why you should adopt a unified commerce strategy
  • Why shoppers love unified commerce
  • Why choose Magento to deliver a unified commerce experience.

Beyond mere omnichannel

Instead of focusing on just the channel expansion and integration as it is with the omnichannel approach, unified commerce brings together every single one of those that impact the customer experience. Think of unified commerce as the natural progression of omnichannel, a way to integrate silos of omnichannel into one unified mechanism.

Why adopt a unified commerce strategy

Here are the main benefits:

  • Channels’ overview – web, mobile, brick-and-mortar and marketplaces in one place
  • Each system created, tailored, and serving its purpose
  • A single view of all inventory
  • Customer experience transformation
  • Improved order fulfillment
  • Full insight into your customers’ behavior
  • Communication tools
  • Consistency, yet flexibility

and much more.

All combined, they allow you to offer consistent, individualized customer experience for every customer interaction at any sales point, also upgrading the information flow within your company.

Why shoppers love unified commerce

This solution gives your eCommerce business a ton of growth opportunities and automates a lot of the processes. At the same time, the shopper is the one directly benefiting from a unified commerce strategy, and that reflects in the way they perceive your company.

To give a few examples:

Since unified commerce enables you to access each customer’s buying history, their choice of channel, and other personal data, it allows you to create retargeting ads with much more increased relevancy. So, instead of receiving repeated and irrelevant banners across devices for products the customer likely already bought, this data helps you to present shoppers with marketing messages that fit their current needs and ultimately lead them to make another purchase.

If you are running a loyalty program, the customer should be able to see their status after every purchase without having to guess or calculate the points themselves. With unified commerce, you can see their purchase history and update loyalty points automatically after every purchase or other interaction that implies that. The customer also sees recommended products in the digital receipt, even if they made the purchase in store.


Moving forward, the competition among brands regarding experiences rather than prices and products is only going to become more evident. The seamless shopping experience will no longer be merely an expectation, but a requirement to stay competitive in this rapidly changing environment where customer experience holds the highest stakes.

We believe that with the power of a unified commerce platform you can rise to the occasion and put your business on a fast-track to customer satisfaction and loyalty and sustained growth.

Need assistance to understand how unified commerce implementation would look for your business? Let us help you! Request a free consultation, and we’ll be happy to schedule a call and provide you with all the options and specifics.

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