Working process on a Magento personalisation video

One of our customers made a request to create an animated ‘explainer’ video for his project — an extension that helps to make purchases: it remembers your preferences and fi

As always, we began work with some paper sketches. One of the biggest advantages to sketching is that it allows you to express your ideas quickly and to involve others in creating the user experience. Whether you are sketching on a whiteboard or paper, it is important that your clients and team members understand the basic concept of the user experience & design and provide you with the necessary content.


The first stage involved choosing a common style — we liked rather abstract (very pretty, though!) vector illustrations.


Finally, we started making the video.

Matthias 0

In the beginning we were sure that everything goes as it should. But then we realized that the whole idea had been lost and the user risks to misunderstand what we wanted to show. :)

What is the best visual way to illustrate an extension? Thinking about this, we arrived at drawing a cheerful and smiling cloud that stores all our data and suggestions for the customer.


We continued to work on the rest of the stuff. The final result met all expectations!

See how this Magento extenson helps to personalise shopping experience at your store

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