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Build stronger relationships with your customers by providing 
a customer loyalty program that rewards repeating purchases

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Trusted by global leading brands

Trusted by global leading brands

Loyalty program is the most efficient way 
to increase purchase frequency


of companies offering a loyalty program plan to significantly increase their investment in customer loyalty over the next three years.


of consumers who are members 
of loyalty programs say membership 
is a meaningful part of their relationships with brands.


of companies in North America are satisfied and their existing rewards program contributes to sales, delivers great ROI, and is popular among consumers.


of US loyalty program members spend more money in order 
to maximize points earnings.


of loyalty program owners who measure ROI of campaigns reported 
a positive 90% ROI.


of US loyalty program members are more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programs.

There are multiple tiers of loyalty program

Where is your business now and where do you want to get?

No loyalty program

Single channel, transactional

  • Purchase discount
  • Basic data gathering
  • Free shipping
  • Discount to sign-up

Offline & online engagement

  • Tiers based on spend
  • Digital loyalty
  • Free gifts
  • Extra services
  • Cash-back


  • Extra offline perks
  • Events
  • Basic data gathering
  • Digital Loyalty Hub
  • 1st party data gathering

1:1 personalization

  • Personalized and customized offers
  • CX personalisation
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Sharing good memories e.g. 
A year in review

Increase customer engagement, 
loyalty, and retention

By offering rewards, promotions, and exclusive benefits to your customers, you can encourage them to keep coming back and refer others.

Let us help you design and implement an effective loyalty program that fits your business needs and goals.

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Loyalty Program Accelerator - 5 steps for successful loyalty implementation


Loyalty program definition

Identify the objectives 
of your loyalty program, 
define your target audience, and decide on the rewards 
or incentives you'll offer.


Tech assessment, platform selection

Assess your technology needs and choose the best platform for your loyalty program. This involves evaluating existing technology solutions or customizing a solution 
to meet your needs.



Implement the technology solution you've chosen, ensuring that it's properly integrated with your existing systems and that it's user-friendly for both customers 
and staff.



Launch your loyalty program and promote it to your target audience. This could involve creating a marketing campaign, training staff on how to use the program, 
and providing incentives for customers to sign up.


Data gathering

Analyze metrics like customer engagement, retention, and revenue to determine the success of your loyalty program. Use this data to refine your program and make adjustments to ensure 
its ongoing success.

Success Stories from Our Clients

Omnichannel loyalty program for the largest sportswear retailer in Baltics

SportlandID members get a permanent discount and exclusive deals via a convenient functionality integrated with My Account.

  • Active database reaching 500K+ within several months
  • In-store traffic digitalized and retargeted with paid marketing
  • Owning 500K+ first-party customer data that was not available digitally before
  • Activating data with personalized email campaigns, generating ~60% sales online
  • Loyalty card always in the pocket - download to Apple Wallet from My Account

Tier-based program for leading wooden 
watch manufacturer

Customers can exchange their earned loyalty points for products or coupon codes which gives them an incentive to return and keep shopping at Holzkern. Results:

  • 5 unique tiers with its own perks
  • Loyalty Hub dashboard to automate all user interactions
  • Gifts to redeem points
  • Automatic product offering
  • Automated user assignment in tiers based on their LTV 
and engagement metrics

Choose one of the options

Option A

Integrate SAAS solution


Easier to setup


Limited functionality

Impossible to customize

Monthly license costs

Option B

eCommerce platform’s extension


Full flexibility to support unique B2C needs in a long-term

Built on top of ready solution from Magento marketplace


Support on your own, not SAAS

Option C



Custom coded solution from the ground up to combine multiple loyalty program features tailored for your business needs

A combination of SAAS and additional code to implement non-typical features


Higher budget requirements

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