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Day 4: Can GPT-4 launch a Magento store and earn its first $500?

I asked GPT-4 to act as an entrepreneur and promised the system to be its loyal employee and bring all the generated ideas into the physical world. Our goal is to earn $500 by launching a store on the Magento (Adobe Commerce) platform. The only rule from our side is a fixed budget of $250 and following the laws of the United States. 

What has happened so far: 

  • My boss GPT-4 (Alex Green, the name he came up with for himself), believes that the product that’s going to generate money is reusable food storage bags
  • We have registered domain and generated the logo
  • Launched social media accounts
  • Installed ScandiPWA
  • Kickstarted homepage updates.

Day 4: Basic store setup

After the 3rd day’s homepage setup, we continue updating our website, OR Alex is coming up with all the ideas, and I’m just bringing them into the physical world. As every loyal employee should do.  

Today’s main goal is to update all the basic pages with content generated by Alex, the Founder of To start, I chose the About Us page and asked for Alex’s guidance.

Alex provided a great answer that required zero corrections, as usual. Here’s how it looks on the website.

Later I went through the Privacy & Terms of Use pages. I asked Alex to see what he could do about the Privacy page: 

At first, he gave me a disclaimer that he was not a lawyer. After that, he provided full content for the Privacy and Cookie Policy page, which he based on a standard template. I ended up using it for our page.

I enjoy how good all the content looks on our website. Alex truly is capable of providing answers that are ready to be used RIGHT AWAY! No fixes are needed. 

As you might have noticed on our website, there’s a minor frontend bug.

After playing with the editor for hours, I realized that I could probably not locate the issue and asked Alex to go through the HTML. Maybe he can correct the issue for me.

The issues that Alex located didn’t fix my problem. In fact, one of his discovered issues is about my file having a typo, which couldn’t be the reason for the bug I’m seeing. I returned to HTML, gave it another look, and finally found the issue.

It should have been </button></a></figcaption> instead.

A bit disappointed in Alex but happy that this is finally solved, and the category preview block is starting to look like something.

Now that the basics of the store are covered, I realized that a few days ago, Alex told me to run social media accounts in parallel with the store setup. However, previously Alex gave me a pretty long list of social media accounts he believes we need. Since our budget is limited, I decided to ask Alex to choose one social media channel we should focus on.

Excellent choice. Now let’s sync what should be our first post on Alex’s chosen social media.

Without any further hesitation, I went on midjourney to generate Alex’s request.

After several prompt attempts, this is the most photo-realistic photo midjourney could provide. Cheers to our first Instagram post

We all know that consistency is the key to success, so let’s see what Alex has to say about our Instagram posting plans. 

Apart from deciding on how often we should post, Alex also came up with a whole content plan for the remaining week.

To cover all the details, let’s figure out what days and times I should schedule EcoSiliconeBags’ Instagram posts.

With all set, I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when I’ll be covering our product provider. Stay tuned! 

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