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Case Study: Automated Product Data Enrichment and Management with Pimcore


Our client is a prominent national distributor in the United States, specializing in packaging equipment, materials, and supplies. They have established a significant market presence with an expansive range of products, however, their product information management and catalog creation processes were major roadblocks. 

Before the start of this project, the client manually managed their product listings on Magento 2. This process involved sourcing product information and images from disparate online sources, a task that was time-consuming and prone to errors.

The client also dealt with vendor data received in a variety of formats, which led to inefficiencies and complexities in updating and maintaining their product database. The need for a streamlined, efficient system for managing product data was clear, and the client requested a solution that could address these challenges effectively.

Project goals

The primary goal for this project was to overhaul the client’s product information management system, transitioning from a manual, time-consuming process to a more streamlined, automated, and efficient one. 

The key objectives included:

  • Seamless PIM system integration with their existing Magento 2 platform
  • Automated product data management within a system that handles product information with minimal manual intervention
  • Development of a new method to standardize vendor data
  • Catalog creation improvements for the process to be more efficient, consistent, and scalable.

These goals aimed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the product information management system and enhance the overall operational workflow, leading to better customer satisfaction and business growth.

Our approach

In addressing the merchant’s manual data handling inefficiencies, we chose Pimcore for its automation and real-time synchronization with Magento 2, ensuring accurate and consistent product information. 

The elimination of manual processes significantly reduced errors and freed valuable time. Pimcore’s standardized attribute management simplified the product catalog, boosting sales efficiency by providing sales teams with immediate access to reliable data. Additionally, Pimcore’s enhanced catalog creation tools improved customer engagement through professional, easily accessible product presentations.

Target ecosystem and data objects exchange

Here’s a breakdown of our Pimcore implementation setup outlining the flow of product and order data across our client’s eCommerce ecosystem.

  1. Data concerning product updates, such as the status of simple products and new grouped products, flow from Adobe Commerce to Pimcore. Pimcore is responsible for enriching product data with price (on-demand), product status, and eCommerce category tree information.
  2. Pimcore also manages order information, which includes the order Sage ID, order updates, B2B customer details, and external orders from different services.
  3. Adobe Commerce receives enriched product data and order information from Pimcore and sends product updates back to Pimcore.
  4. Sage ERP interacts with Pimcore, handling product price, category tree, status, and Sage ID. It is also linked to the creation of product data and sales tools.
  5. Information related to SAP order details, customer data, and tracking and analytics is fed into the ecosystem for supply chain management.
  6. Tools used by the sales team are integrated with Sage ERP for creating and managing product data.

Identifying user roles and permissions

In our tailored Pimcore solution, we identified and established distinct user roles with corresponding permissions to streamline the product information management process.

Admin role has comprehensive control over the system, with permissions to manage system configurations, user rights, data objects/attributes, interfaces, and the authority to manage imports/exports and eCommerce functions.

Lead Data Manager manages products across various stages and facets, can modify product data, manage categories, and handle asset relations and product positions.

Data Manager role focuses on creating and maintaining product data, ensuring data quality and consistency throughout the product database.

Viewers have read-only access, essential for roles requiring data visibility without the need to edit—viewing product categories, product details, and asset management.

Pimcore perspectives

Perspectives in Pimcore serve as customizable configurations of the Admin Interface, tailored to meet each user’s specific needs and roles within the platform. They enable users to personalize their workspace by selectively displaying panels, tools, and widgets that are relevant to their tasks. This customization helps streamline workflows by providing a tailored view for different tasks or user roles, enhancing user efficiency and flexibility within the Pimcore platform.

We established Admin, Lead Data Manager, Data Manager, and Viewer perspectives for our client’s ecosystem to enhance user efficiency and minimize distractions, contributing to the overall productivity and data accuracy of the client’s operations.

Product data communication

Here’s the process flow of product data:

1. Initial product files are sent from an external source via an API

2. Products are then processed, validated, and formatted

3. Additional details, descriptions, or attributes are added to the product data

4. Once enriched, the product data undergoes a review process to ensure quality and accuracy

5. Changes are logged into the product data, deploying the processed and approved product information to live systems or channels. Additionally, any unapproved products are returned through the API, suggesting a feedback loop for correction or further enrichment.

The product enrichment process is critical in product data management to ensure that each product listing is comprehensive, accurate, and ready for the marketplace.


The implementation of Pimcore as a centralized PIM system for our client resulted in significant improvements:

  • Manual product entry and data gathering processes are completely eliminated, saving time and reducing errors
  • Real-time data updates—product information is now automatically synchronized with Magento 2, ensuring accuracy and consistency across platforms
  • Standardized attributes and sets reduce data management complexity and improve data consistency
  • Sales representatives can quickly access product information, enhancing their ability to serve customers
  • The ability to create PDF catalogs expanded the merchant’s capabilities in showcasing their product offerings to customers in an innovative way, enhancing customer engagement.

scandiweb is a Gold Partner of Pimcore with a team of certified experts that can solve any challenges with product information management. If you are interested in starting your Pimcore journey or want to learn more, reach out today!

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