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eCommerce Data Tracking Setup for The Largest Sportswear Retailer in The Baltics


Our client is one of the largest sportswear retailers in the region, with an award-winning in-store experience. At the start of the project, they had a basic landing site analytics implementation that needed to be extended to cover all the eCommerce action tracking as we were building their store. We expanded the data tracking capacity significantly over time to keep up with the enhancements to the store and its functionalities. 


Data tracking milestones delivered:

  • Data warehouse setup to merge data from 120+ physical stores, ERP, POS & eCommerce stores 
  • Real-time performance analysis for five markets—Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and International
  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration and custom data tracking setup with BigQuery

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  • Consolidated report for three store views
    • Overall performance
    • Store performance comparison
    • eCommerce performance
    • Error message monitoring
  • Ownership of a significant number of first-party data for loyal customers
  • Real-life notifications for abnormalities in critical eCommerce KPIs—conversion rate, traffic, orders, and AOV (average order value)
  • Weekly data analysis on store performance reporting to top management.


To combine multiple store data into a single view, as well as set differentiation per market, we utilized BigQuery to a greater extent for querying aggregated data and splitting it for each store separately.

Getting cost data for COGS (cost of goods sold) estimation required a cron job setup to get product cost data into Google Spreadsheet, mapping it with sold products, and using them in performance dashboards for gross profit calculation.

For logistics report automation, we set up cron jobs in collaboration with the developer team to send order-level data to the Google Cloud Storage, retrieve it, forward it to Google BigQuery, and use it in performance dashboards.


Tracking has been successfully implemented in all the stores capturing pivotal user interactions used within performance dashboards with multiple data sources. The data warehouse setup contains merged data from 120+ physical stores, ERP, POS & eCommerce stores in 5 markets.

Furthermore, the client team relies on those reports for evaluating business KPIs displayed in their main office.

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