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Magento for eCommerce Growth: Custom Solutions for the Apparel & Fashion Industry

Our journey with leading brands in the Apparel & Fashion industry has been about turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation through Magento development and strategic implementation of custom features. This collection of case studies is a sample of our experiences and solutions across various projects to highlight our tailored approach to enhancing online retail platforms.

The challenge

The Apparel & Fashion industry encounters several eCommerce challenges that can stifle growth if not addressed effectively.

  • Many clients struggle with platforms that cannot handle high traffic volumes or maintain performance during peak sales periods.
  • Ensuring a seamless and consistent shopping experience across various devices and touchpoints is often problematic, especially for brands with a global presence.
  • Integrating with existing systems such as inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), and other third-party services while maintaining operational efficiency poses a significant challenge.
  • Translating a brand’s physical presence into the digital world effectively without losing its essence and appeal requires sophisticated customization and design capabilities.
  • Brands looking to expand internationally face hurdles with multi-language and multi-currency configurations, as well as localization issues.

Our approach

scandiweb’s approach to tackling these challenges involves a combination of strategic planning, advanced technological implementation, and continuous support. We leverage Magento’s flexibility to create custom solutions tailored to each brand’s specific needs. 

Focus on scalability

Our solutions are designed with scalability in mind, allowing brands to grow their online presence seamlessly with their business. We ensure that platforms can handle increased traffic and transactions without compromising performance.

Enhancing user experience

By employing the latest in UX/UI design trends and technologies, we create engaging and intuitive shopping experiences that reflect the brand’s identity and meet the high expectations of fashion consumers.

Integration with 3rd-party solutions

We ensure robust integration of Magento with existing ERP, CRM, and other essential systems to streamline operations and improve efficiency. This also includes integrating advanced marketing tools to enhance customer engagement and retention.

Global expansion support

Our approach includes setting up multi-language and multi-currency features, localizing content, and complying with regional regulations to support international market expansions.

Case Study 1: Enhancing global reach for BUFF® through Adobe Commerce

For BUFF, a leader in multifunctional headwear and accessories tailored for active lifestyles, upgrading their eCommerce infrastructure was essential to manage increasing international demands and enhance the overall customer experience.

The objective was to enhance platform scalability and optimize the user experience to increase international sales and customer satisfaction.

Project highlights

  • Transition from Magento Open Source to Adobe Commerce
  • Leveraging Adobe Commerce’s features to implement custom solutions that manage complex product attributes and facilitate scalability
  • Implementation of multi-language and multi-currency capabilities 
  • Optimized navigation and checkout processes to enhance mobile conversions and user engagement 

We developed multi-language and multi-currency capabilities for BUFF’s eCommerce platform to cater to its growing international audience, significantly improving accessibility and usability across diverse markets. This enhancement in internationalization features allowed BUFF to connect more effectively with customers worldwide, fostering a smoother and more inclusive shopping experience.

The move to Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure stabilized the platform under high traffic conditions and introduced operational efficiencies that previously were not possible.

The transformation resulted in a robust, scalable platform that supports BUFF’s growth and expands its global reach, enhancing user satisfaction and significantly boosting international sales.

Case Study 2: PWA, custom Magento features, and augmented reality for Sportland

By prioritizing the advancement of Sportland’s eCommerce infrastructure, the industry leader in sporting apparel and equipment aimed to seamlessly replicate its award-winning retail experience across all channels, demonstrating a strong commitment to a holistic customer journey.

Project highlights

  • Tailoring the Magento platform to Sportland’s specific needs, enhancing both the frontend user experience and backend operations
  • ScandiPWA frontend for a faster, smoother user interface that loaded instantly both on mobile devices and desktop
  • AR integration for enhanced engagement
  • Creating a cohesive flow between online and physical stores, ensuring that promotions and product availability were synchronized across all channels
  • Infrastructure upgrade to handle increased traffic during high-demand periods

We implemented AR features that gave customers a 360-degree virtual view of products, significantly enriching the online shopping experience.

We also tailored the Magento platform specifically for Sportland’s diverse and dynamic product range, incorporating features that allowed for seamless promotional integrations and improved operational efficiency across sales channels. This strategic development was aimed at not only enhancing the online shopping experience but also at maintaining consistency with the in-store experience, crucial for brand integrity.

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Case Study 3: Vibrant and robust Magento store that emulates Happy Socks’ creative ethos

Happy Socks is a brand celebrated for its playful and innovative range of socks and accessories. And it recognized the necessity of a digital transformation to emulate the brand’s inherent vibrancy and energy within the online space. 

The challenge was to redesign its eCommerce platform to be as visually engaging as their products without sacrificing functionality or performance.

Project highlights

  • A color-rich, visually dynamic design strategy that reflects the brand’s creative ethos
  • Magento replatforming—transition to a more robust version of Magento, which provided enhanced scalability and flexibility needed to support their creative merchandising and promotional strategies
  • High-resolution product images and lively graphics that capture the product’s appeal without compromising on site speed
  • Strategic navigation menu redesign
  • Seamless third-party systems integration

The transformation of Happy Socks’ eCommerce site into a vibrant, engaging platform not only captured the spirit of the brand but also significantly improved user experience. 

The new site design aimed to make browsing and shopping as delightful as the products offered. Advanced image optimization techniques and Magento’s powerful capabilities allowed us to balance aesthetics with performance.

We redesigned the navigation menu to ensure that despite the increased visual complexity, users could find products easily and proceed through the checkout process with minimal friction

This strategic upgrade resulted in higher customer engagement, with users spending more time on the site and an increase in sales conversions. By focusing on a design that was both functional and expressive, we helped Happy Socks translate their fun and playful brand identity into a digital format that resonates with their customer base, ultimately boosting online sales and brand loyalty.

Case Study 4: Optimizing performance for Classic Football Shirts with Hyvä

Classic Football Shirts, known for its extensive collection of vintage and rare football shirts, faced significant challenges in maintaining high website performance and user satisfaction.

The complexity of the company’s inventory and the fluctuating high traffic, especially during major football events, necessitated a robust solution that could streamline their operations and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Our solution was to implement Hyva on their Magento platform to significantly improve site performance and user experience, ensuring robust support and maintenance to handle the unique demands of their eCommerce business.

Project highlights

  • Hyvä integration—a modern front-end solution for Magento that significantly reduces load times and improves site responsiveness
  • Navigation menu redesign to unify categories and simplify the user experience
  • Continuous Magento and Hyvä support
  • Page Speed performance score improved by 2.5x

By focusing on Hyva for their Magento platform, Classic Football Shirts now enjoys a faster, more reliable shopping experience that aligns with the expectations of their tech-savvy audience. This shift was aimed at optimizing the browsing and purchasing process, especially important for a site with a high volume of products and customer traffic.

The adoption of Hyva led to a lighter, faster-loading website, which drastically reduced page load times and improved mobile responsiveness. It has directly impacted customer satisfaction by providing a smoother, more engaging user experience, leading to increased sales conversions and reduced bounce rates.

For this project, we also identified critical areas needing robust support, such as real-time inventory updates, high-traffic management, and seamless user navigation. Ensuring the platform’s stability during peak periods was a top priority.

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Our collaborations with BUFF, Sportland, Happy Socks, and Classic Football Shirts demonstrate scandiweb’s dedication to propelling eCommerce businesses forward. We achieve this through a combination of expert Magento development, seamless migrations to Adobe Commerce, and strategic integration of advanced solutions.

These case studies serve as a testament to scandiweb’s expertise in navigating intricate industry challenges. We develop new or optimize existing platforms for peak performance, future-proof businesses with the latest eCommerce technologies, and empower them with enhanced functionality and mobile-first experiences. We craft customized, technology-driven solutions that elevate user experiences and unlock significant business growth.

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